Heather Headley known for portrayal of Nala in the musical The Lion King. She later earned a Tony Award for Aida and a Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B Gospel. I Wish I Wasn’t

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Heather. It was great seeing you perform this evening for the Goodman Theatre benefit.

Heather Headley: I was glad to do it. It is so important to raise money and help the arts out.

JN: I listened to a remix of your song “I Wish I Wasn’t” on a Pride sampler somewhere.

HH: I have heard it. It was like “I I I I I I Wish Wish Wish.”

JN: Well, you could always make a big gay dance record.

HH: That could be fun.

JN: Is there a Broadway show that you would like to do but haven’t?

HH: Oh yes. I get song-envy all the time. I did get to have my dream role. If could pick one then I would have to say Maria in the Sound of Music. But I had the best role in the whole world. To play Nala was the best. But yes, I think of other stuff and think that would be nice to play.

JN: The Lion King is coming to Chicago.

HH: That’s what I hear. It’s back, yeah!

JN: It could keep going forever. You can bring your son to the show.

HH: That’s the thing I was talking to someone about just the other day. I can hardly wait for the moment that I have yet to have. I will bring him in the theatre and say, “I did that.” I am sure he will say, “No, you didn’t!” But I am looking forward to that day anyways.

JN: You were so great performing your standards tonight. Thanks for the quick chat.

HH: Thanks for reminding me about that remix!