Always “large and in charge “Latrice Royale represented the big girls on RuPaul’s Drag Race season four on the Logo Channel.

She came out of the closet disclosing her checkered past on the show with a prison history and tough times. Her light shown through though, with a “chunky but funky” personality that kicked the competition to the curb making her a top four finalist.

This Florida “bold and beautiful” queen now travels around the country and finally heads to a new group of fans in the Windy City.

Jerry Nunn: Hey, Latrice. How are you?

Latrice Royale: I’m wonderful how are you?

JN: Great, I watched the whole season of course. Is this the first time you have been to Chicago?

LR: I have been there but this is the first time performing.

JN: You perform mainly in Florida?

LR: Pretty much. I have been here for 21 years.

JN: What is your opinion? Is Florida the South or not?

LR: It has some tendencies but I wouldn’t call it the South. We have our own situation there (laughs).

JN: I read that you started wearing drag as dare in the beginning.

LR: Absolutely. You know friends…

JN: “I dare you to put on that wig!” It just stuck?

LR: As soon as I won my first little contest, a star was born and that was it. I saw drink tickets and a hundred dollars. Yes honey, I can do this!

JN: What made you want to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race in the first place?

LR: I was at a crossroads in my career. I needed to do something because I was at the point where I wasn’t really progressing. It is hard when you are just doing club gigs. I had to do something different, change my position and put me in a better place than I was. That is why I auditioned.

JN: Then you did really well.

LR: Who knew? I just wanted a little bit of exposure and represent the big girls of course. We haven’t been fully represented properly so I thought I could do it.

JN:  And you did. Not only did you last a long time, but your personality was important on the show.

LR: Well, thank you. I was really me being me. I am a nurturer kind of person. That is just who I am. I didn’t realize there were so many wounded souls on the show. We were definitely a wounded cast.

JN: Do you feel pressure to lose weight after the show?

LR: Oh my gawd, you know what? It would be lovely. I have lost a few pounds because I have been traveling a lot but I am so happy in my skin. I am content. Love me fat, love me skinny, love me tender, that is just me.

JN: That must have been quite an honor being asked to be on Drag U.

LR: That was definitely an honor. I feel so blessed because not everybody gets to go into that situation. We were the chosen ones. I am glad I was able to make a big enough impression to keep going because I want to stay relevant.

JN: I watched the first episode and heyyy guess who is on it?

LR: I didn’t even know I was on the first episode until this moment!

JN: Surprise!

LR: Right out of the box, baby! I love it, yes.

JN: The show is about helping women that have had some tough times so I think you are a perfect candidate to help them.

LR: Yes, it definitely hit home. My mom was a single mom. I didn’t grow up in the most ideal household situation. I can relate to those women very well.

JN: I have been singing, “Jesus is a biscuit” all morning.

LR: I love it!

JN: You know how everyone wants to have a music career after RuPaul’s Drag Race?

LR: Right?

JN: This is my idea for you. You should put out a gospel album with “Jesus is a Biscuit” as a track and some Mahalia Jackson, maybe a Winans cover song?

LR: Wow, a full out whole other genre of music, an inspirational album.  No one does that. It is always club beats. I definitely want to do “Jesus is a Biscuit” with all of the other girls in the video, too.

JN: All I ask for is a “special thanks” on the on the album.

LR: Exactly (laughs).

JN: First you are doing an appearance at Hydrate on Saturday then coming back the following Thursday for Roscoe’s with the whole gang.

LR: It is going to be crazy but I am excited though.

JN: Are you staying in town the whole week?

LR: No, I am going back home for a few days then coming back.

JN: You are still friends with everyone from your season, correct? You didn’t burn any bridges like Miss O’Hara.

LR: No, not at all. I really love everyone genuinely. There is not anyone that I don’t like. I keep in touch with some more than others. Ideally I talk to everyone pretty much.

JN: Did you do the Al and Chuck boat cruise?

LR: I did the first little mini one. It was interesting (laughs). I had never been on a cruise before so I was expecting a lot of things to be different. The cruise line sucked so this next time hopefully it is a better ship.

JN: So it was not the Love Boat?

LR: No, when they closed down the buffet I was ready to get off the boat.

JN: I don’t know if I would get seasick on there.

LR: I did a lot better than I thought I would. That wasn’t so bad but when they shut down the buffets early, that was bad.

JN: Not nice.

LR: Especially for a fat girl…

JN: I love that you represent my generation because we are around the same age.

LR: Awesome. We are from the old school, boo boo. We have to school these new girls. See? That is the problem. You see why they go rogue and go raging mad? They don’t have a background and have no training.

JN: People like DiDa came a long way on the show I noticed though.

LR: Real quick, didn’t she?

JN: Anything else about Drag U this season?

LR: I am very excited because they truly revamped it. Because I am a fan of the show I was always that one person who thought that when they came out of the Dragulator that they didn’t look like the picture. That used to really irritate me. When I tell you that they have changed that, these bitches are done! I was very impressed and excited.  I am looking forward to even the episodes that I am not in.

JN: There are some good guest stars such as Robin Givens and Brittany Snow. Who are you a fan of as far as celebrities?

LR: I get star struck easily because people I have been watching on TV I have been able to meet lately. People like Kelly Osbourne and Adam Lambert. I made a little connection with Kelly when we met. That’s my girl.

JN: She is great. Well, I will see you this weekend.

LR: Alright, baby, see you then!

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