Spicy Italian Giuliana Rancic continues to dish up celebrity news on E! every week. She grades the red carpet on the Fashion Police with cohorts Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne. Her reality show is now completing its fourth season where she celebrates her love with husband Bill aptly titled Giuliana & Bill. Giuliana chatted with Nunn using a whole new lingo she created herself.

Jerry Nunn: Ciao, Giuliana. I met you and Bill at the Cable Show event downtown over the summer.

Giuliana Rancic: Yes, I remember. It was fun.

JN: My first question is do people butcher your name?

GR: They used to but not as badly anymore. You know what is funny? I used to hate my name so much. I was embarrassed because it was hard to spell and pronounce. Every year the government puts out a list of the most popular baby names. My name would never break the top 1,000. I thought another year of people butchering my name. About two months ago an article came out with baby names for 2011 that are up-and-comers. My name was at 300! It just showed as much as I hated it and wanted to change it, you have to stick with it. Stick with that your momma gave you!

JN: Well, it makes you unique. Speaking of mom, how was it going back to Italy and filming that trip for the show?

GR: It was awesome. We had the best time. I got to show Bill my childhood home. He loved it. It was great seeing my cousins again and the family.

JN: Let’s talk about your “gusband” Robbie. He seems to be your gay personal shopper.

GR: He’s my personal everything. Are you kidding me? And I am his. We love each other to death. He’s the best. We have been texting all morning sending each other funny pictures. I just love him. He’s the most caring sweetest person. He is obviously very easy on the eyes. Bill asks me if I am sure he is gay because we spend so much time together and he doesn’t want something coming out in US Weekly. I told him it will be fine. Robbie is the best.

JN: Are you excited about the Emmys?

GR: I am. I will be on the red carpet with Ryan Seacrest interviewing the celebs. It is my ninth year. It is TV so they have a better sense of humor and a carefree show. It is not as stiff as some of the other shows.

JN: You studied journalism so you knew you wanted to do this your whole life.

GR: I did. My dream was to be an anchorwoman in Washington DC. I used to watch the ten o’ clock news and dreamed of being this one woman on there. I thought it was the coolest job. I studied journalism in DC so it was more politically based. When I would come back to class with my segments everyone would just die laughing because I would ask senators and congressmen what they do for fun and what was the last great movie they saw. “Godfather One or Two?” Like the dumbest questions on earth! My professor told me there was no place for that. I said, “You don’t think CNN will eventually lighten up?” He said no so I went to Hollywood. My goal was to work on E! MTV or VH1. The music channels were all about the hosts in the nineties. Thankfully E! panned out.

JN: You have been with the E! cable channel for a long time.

GR: Ten years this spring.

JN: Has there been an interview that meant a lot to you?

GR: I interviewed Lady Gaga a few times and we just have had an amazing rapport. She is incredible with everything she has managed to accomplish. She is an Italian chick like me. We grew up in a very similar manner. It blew me away the other day that when the interview was over she asked if the camera was still rolling. She wanted to go on the record that I gave a great interview and I am always respectful and pleasant. Everyone in the room was stunned because it was coming from the pretty much the biggest superstar in the world. It was nice after all of these years to hear a subject make a comment like that. I take great pride in that. I never try to blindside anyone or make them feel uncomfortable. I talk to them like human beings.

JN: I work the same way, too. I love talking to people like Joan Rivers who is on your show the Fashion Police.

GR: Fashion Police is so fun. Joan is amazing.

JN: She carries that show and you get to ride along with her.

GR: It is like a hilarious road trip. You are right and she is driving. It is a blast. I have learned a lot from her. She is such a professional. She is incredibly prepared. She is probably the hardest working person I have ever worked with yet she doesn’t even need to be. She could phone it in at this point. She has proved herself. That never stops her. She doesn’t think like that. She acts like it is her first day everyday.

JN: How was hosting Miss USA recently?

GR: It was great. It was a blast and a lot of fun to do it. I had competed a couple of times when I was younger so it was fun to finally host it.

JN: They changed the voting to more online this time.

GR: Yes people could start voting online this time so that was pretty cool.

JN: It is so fun to watch Chicago as part of your reality show. The party at the Elysian aired just recently.

GR: It is a big deal for us. Obviously Bill is a total Chicago boy. It will always be his home and in his heart. From the first time I came I loved it. It is an amazing city with such great energy and wonderful people. It is actually my favorite city in the country, more than LA or New York. It is very important for us to showcase the city. We show it to the world because our show is international. We air in about 100 countries. We are happy we get to the show the city everywhere. We spend a lot of time at places like the Elysian. That hotel is just stunning. What a beautiful property. We get to show that and our favorite restaurants.

JN: How is your restaurant coming along?

GR: Great, we are looking at January. We have already started demolition. It’s in the old Ben Pao space. We are super thrilled to do it. We have partnered up with pretty much the best in the business, the Melmans and Lettuce Entertain You. We have already learned so much from them. To be honest we would probably never have done a restaurant if it wasn’t with them. This is a business you have to partner with people you trust. They have done it and have a proven track record. They are probably the best in the country for opening successful restaurants. Bill is actually there today and I will be there next week.

JN: Anything else you want to mention about your reality show?

GR: I still can’t believe we only have two episodes left. There is some drama in the finale. We hadn’t talked about IVF (in vitro fertilization) in this season because this season was for fun. But the baby stuff comes back in the finale.

JN: I wish you luck with that.

GR: Thank you very much.

JN: Will there be another season?

GR: We are deciding that now Bill and I. This is our fourth season and it is a lot. We virtually never stop. We have been shooting for two and a half years straight. It would be nice to not have cameras around. We have gotten so used to them. They are like our family now. The best part is helping people with IVF or people writing in about doing a month of fun. It is really nice to inspire other couples to have fun and treat each other with respect. A lot of reality shows, listen I watch them too, but I think there was a void for some positive realty. We love to put on a positive show every week.

JN: I wanted to say you are “amazaballs” for juggling three different projects!

GR: Love it, Amazaeballs USA! You are an amazeballs interviewer. You are so sweet and I am sure I will see you soon in Chicago.