North Carolina native Fortune Feimster is bringing her act to town kicking off the Backlot Bash party weekend at the Mayne Stage.

The comedian known for the Chelsea Handler show as both a writer and round table rebel, is an out and open lesbian showing up just in time for Pride weekend.

Nunn on the Run talked to her before her arrival in town.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Fortune. So that accent is from North Carolina?

Fortune Feimster: Yeah, I was born and raised there. I have been out in LA for nine years but the accent is not going anywhere!

JN: Where did your name come from?

FF: It is from my middle name. It is my great grandmother’s maiden name and when I went into comedy I decided to use it. I thought it was a cool name and a way to pay homage to my grandmother who wanted my mother to name me that. It’s a little shout out to my G-Ma!

JN: Does the name mean that you are rich?

FF: The irony of it is that I have a brother named Price and a nephew named Banks so we have all these money names in my family but we grew up really poor. Apparently it has the opposite effect but I am working on securing a little something.

JN: Did you originally start writing for Chelsea Handler?

FF: Yes, I was hired there about a year and a half ago to write full time for her show. About a month in somebody had to cancel for the round table so they asked me to stand in. Ever since then they just let me do it.

JN: How many times have you performed on her round table?

FF: We are all rotation so it varies every week. I have way more experience as a performer than a writer so I was always hoping they would use me for the round table.

JN: I saw some of your stand up online.

FF: I haven’t put any up in a while. When someone hears a song they want to hear it over and over again. With comedy it doesn’t have the same affect, they don’t want to repeat it. Why can’t that be the case?

JN: Save your good stuff for your act at the Mayne Stage. You will be in town for Pride.

FF: I am so excited. I haven’t been to Chicago in six years. I am looking forward to see the city in a different way. When I went before it was for the Gay Games and I was with my softball team. It will be different seeing it on my own this time.

The show on Thursday will be so fun too with my friend Bridget McManus performing too.  I will be there all weekend so I can go to the Pride parade with my straight roommate who just moved to Chicago.

JN: Are you single and out on the prowl?

FF: I am. It is hard to meet people because I work a lot. I keep thinking I am going to perform at one of these cities and meet my wife. So far it hasn’t happened. Come on, ladies! It’s hard out there for a pimp.

JN: Now I want to be a matchmaker! What is your type?

FF: I go for the more feminine type since they tend to make me feel a little less butchie, I guess. All the women so far have been on the feminine side. I just like good people, you know? I have dated a few crazies here and there.

JN: You are performing at Zanies while you are here too.

FF: I am spending some time there as well. I’m basically infiltrating Chicago! At the Mayne Stage it will be the whole experience of my stand up but at Zanies I don’t have a long set. Both shows will have things that people will get to see. Performing for a gay crowd at Mayne Stage makes for a good time!

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