Florence Henderson will always be remembered as the perfect mother, Carol, in The Brady Bunch. After strutting her stuff on the eleventh season of Dancing with the Stars, it’s time to make new memories for this lady of the seventies.

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Florence. First off I grew up watching the Brady Bunch and even dreamed I was the seventh kid. I am not sure if Oliver counted or not…

Florence Henderson: Well, Oliver was a cousin. (laughs)

JN: I interviewed Christopher Knight and he was great to meet. Do you keep in touch with most of the gang still?

FH: Yes, Susan Olsen just came to DWTS to watch and cheer me on.  Barry and Chris are coming too.  Eve is doing a new play in New York and is not able to make it.

JN: That’s great. What do you think of the other books that the cast has written when writing your own?

FH: No.  My book covers a lot more years than the others already written and The Brady Bunch is just one chapter.

JN: Do you know the name of your memoir yet and can you give any choice tidbits?

FH: It’s called, IT WILL NEVER BE NOTICED ON A GALLOPING HORSE, due to be released for Mother’s Day, 2011.  I think you’ll find it funny, tearful, joyful and a bit surprising.

JN: I have always wanted to ask you, what did you think of Shelley Long playing your part in the Brady Bunch movies?

FH: I thought she was great!

JN: How do you stay looking so young, exercise, diet?

FH: I have always exercised and watched what I ate.  I have been doing Pilates for the past few years, but dancing 5 hours a day on DWTS will certainly keep anyone in shape.

JN: Are you filming any more of the Florence Henderson Show?

FH: I hope to, but not at this time.

JN: How long did you have to wait to be on Dancing with the Stars? I heard there is a long waiting list.

FH: It wasn’t a waiting list per say.  I was a fan of the show from the very beginning.  I had attended several of the live shows in the audience.  The producers knew I was interested and they finally made me the offer this year.  I am thrilled to be a part of it.  It is a dream come true.

JN: What are rehearsals like? Do you still get nervous?

FH: The rehearsals are four to six hours long four days a week.  Prior to rehearsal or right after, I do package interviews for the show and costume fittings.  One day a week, I do an hour-long interview.  The other three days are consumed with camera blocking, and dress rehearsals.  So it’s pretty much 24/7.  I absolutely get nervous before each dance, and especially on the “results show”.

JN: Any chance that we might hear you sing on the show.

FH: No.  It’s clearly a dance competition.

JN: Who do you see as your biggest competition as far as the other celebrities on the show?

FH: Everyone!

JN: When can we see you hosting Saturday Night Live?

FH: Wouldn’t that be fun.

JN: Your official website is http://www.flohome.com? Fans can keep up with you there?

FH: Yes.

JN: It has been an honor to interview you. I look forward to seeing you Dancing With the Stars. Should I say “break a leg” or not?

FH: Thanks, it’s a pleasure to have been asked.  “Break a eg” is ok.  It’s the tradition!