Glenview, Illinois resident Paolo Presta had his life changed by a fairy godmother named Oprah Winfrey when her Wildest Dreams show dropped into his family’s grocery store Valli Produce and gave him a guest spot on the television show Will & Grace.

Paolo moved to LA to be on General Hospital and pursue his love of acting.

Lately he has been filming his web based show A Spoonful of Paolo where he interviews stars such as Sharon Osbourne and Florence Henderson and recently he reunited with Oprah for her Lifeclass.

We met to discuss how the sugar makes the medicine go down with Paolo.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Paolo. You are known for your Oprah moment. Take our readers back to that time in your life.

Paolo Presta: It was surreal. Anything that happens I always go back to that day. If she didn’t come into my dad’s store I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. She opened doors for me and on top of it made my father understand that this is what I want to do. It changed the direction of my life.

JN: Is their store still in Hoffman Estates?
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