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The CW Channel’s America’s Next Top Model is now on cycle 18 with a British versus American model theme this time around. Tyra Banks and her posse are back now with a new judge of PR Executive Kelly Cutrone.

For this season out and proud lesbian Azmarie went from frontrunner to being voted off last week because of refusing to wear butt pads in a challenge even though she later apologized.

We spoke before the airing of her final episode about the process of auditioning and her androgyny.

Jerry Nunn: Hey, Azmarie. I noticed you are from Milwaukee so you are close by.

Azmarie: Yes, you are in Chicago so an hour and a half drive on a nice day.

JN: I love the Pridefest up there. Have you been?
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New York’s Hottest Top Model by Real Urban Men Productions

Starring Ace Rockwood, Paris, and Smokey

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: Take this Tyra and suck on it, here’s a top porn model.

Groeper: You interviewed the lesbian on the current season correct?

P: Yes, Kayla. She is doing really well in the competition.

G: This cover is a little bland and gray.

P: I picked this one for the title, not the cover.
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Kayla Ferrel

America’s Next Top Model returns again for cycle 15. Tyra and the gang recruited a local contestant, Kayla Ferrel, and Nunn on the Run interviewed the pretty 19-year-old herself before the season debut.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Kayla. How was the audition experience for Top Model?

Kayla Ferrel: The auditions were long and tiring to be honest. When I went there were a lot of girls. By the end I was so tired that I ended up laying on the floor and waiting until I heard my name being called. There were so many people.

JN: Was this an open audition?
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