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Sandra Bernhard 2

Comedian and actress Sandra Bernhard is heading to the City Winery for two nights to start off the New Year spotlighting her recent work entitled I Love Being Me, Don’t You?

Her Oscar nominated role in Martin Scorsese’s King of Comedy brought her into the public eye halinh back to 1983. Playing the first openly gay character on the sitcom Roseanne led to other shows including The L Word, Hot In Cleveland, and Will & Grace.

Bernhard has written three books and sings live regularly. She has opened for acts such as Cyndi Lauper and the Scissor Sisters. If you haven’t heard her rendition of “Midnight Train to Georgia” then you have missed the boat.

Nunn on the Run caught up with her before an upcoming Joe’s Pub gig and trip to Chicago.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Sandra. It’s been years since I’ve seen you in Chicago.

Sandra Bernhard: Well, it’s time to get back there, that’s for darn sure. Here I am, ready to roll…
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City Winery

In Chicago’s West Loop a new hotspot opened up this week. Located on 1200 W Randolph Street, City Winery completely lived up to its humble name.
At a private opening party all the goods were brought out with cheeses, meats and desserts to Moet champagne to celebrate.
The crowd spilled out onto the cozy patio to enjoy the perfect weather of the night.
The place can really fill up with 175 seats on the main floor and 75 more upstairs.
The food runs the gamut from Mediterranean to Italian and French. Dinner is served after 5 p.m.with a brunch for the weekends.
The bartenders pour some standards straight from the barrel. I recommend the pinot noir with a nice finish to it.
The modern decor included a fireplace and hardwood floors that smelled of a recent finish.
The entertainment is quickly growing from a roster with the likes of Natalie Cole and just announced for January is friend to me Sandra Bernhard.
So head on over and enjoy a glass of wine and a show!
Visit www.citywinery.com for more details.

Happy New Year

Looking back on this past year I was able to meet and interview some talented and amazing personalities in my column for Nunn on the Run.

Here is some great advice and quotes stars have said to me in 2010:

The Laughs

“How’s your cornholer?” (Lisa Lampanelli)

“I am sure you are much more of an expert than a married man or straight man, anyways.” (Kathy Griffin on blowjobs)

“I know that gays belong to Kathy, but any fall over, I’m going to take.” (Sarah Silverman)

“I have always forged my own unique path in the comedy and entertainment world” (Sandra Bernhard)

“I think my humor is a little dry.” (Katy Perry)

“I can’t do anything but tell a joke and steal a scene!” (Leslie Jordan)

The Tears

“You are going to make me cry.” (Chely Wright)

“You made me cry…” (Meredith Baxter)

The Hard Times

“Read my bio and you tell me…” (Belinda Carlisle)

“Oh, I will go there!” (Alexis Stewart)

“There are moments that are really and truly “make it work” moments.” (Tim Gunn)


“Well, first of all, don’t suck. Don’t be bad at it.” (Dan Savage on writing)

“Everything has to be used for something” (Amy Sedaris)

“Don’t say you are a fan of theirs. It automatically puts you in the fan category with the celebrity.” (Lady Bunny)

“Hold the tape recorder closer to my mouth.” (Perez Hilton)

Full of Questions

“Let’s make it happen.” (Ricky Martin on interviewing him)

“I will never forget that question.” (Natalie Merchant)

“I don’t really get that question.” (Ellen DeGeneres)

“I have no idea how to answer that question, let me get my husband on the phone.” (Carol Channing)

About Chicago

“I usually don’t party after the shows. But when I am in Chicago, who knows?” (Jake Shears)

“It is the only place that I actually had a job.” (John Waters)

“Chicago is my favorite city still and it looks gorgeous.” (Laurie Metcalf)

“I love Chicago.” (Pam Grier)

The G-Word

“Let the gays go wild!” (Patti LaBelle)

“I’m slightly under the radar and I do think part of that is because I’m gay.” (Rufus Wainwright)

“I’m very close to the gay community.” (Perry Farrell)

“I don’t define myself by only being gay just like I don’t define myself by only being Jewish.” (Nate Berkus)

“It definitely comes with some pressure.” (Adam Lambert)

“I think homophobia is really fucked up.” (Kate Nash)

“If there are gay men in the audience then you automatically get a great show.” (Joan Rivers)

On Obama

“He is not forcing anything but making decent strides and moving things in the right direction.” (Wanda Sykes)

“There’s just nothing that a person in that position can do now, because it’s just been bought and sold.” (Melissa Etheridge)

“I am really angry about the fact that a cultured, intelligent black man cannot say that he is for gay marriage.” (Mario Cantone)

The Icons

“It made me a lot of money. What about that?” (Olympia Dukakis on Moonstruck)

“I am a sucker for stories!” (Cyndi Lauper)

“Wouldn’t that be fun?” (Florence Henderson on hosting SNL)

“I say drag queen diet in the book because it sounds so good.” (RuPaul)

“RuPaul is just the most fabulous phenomenon.” (Lucy Lawless)

“Follow your dream and you can be who you want to be.” (Elton John)

Thanks a million.” (Lily Tomlin)

Those are just some of the highlights and big moments.  Looking forward to more exciting interviews with celebrities in 2011 Nunn on One!

Sandra Bernhard

Sandra Bernhard is celebrating V-Day in Chi-town with five performances over Cupid’s weekend. She is out to prove that “Sandy Loves Chicago!”

Jerry Nunn: Hi Sandra. We are all very excited that you are coming to Chicago.

Sandra Bernhard: I couldn’t be more excited to be coming!

JN: You are doing five performances, which seems like a lot.

SB: Yes and yet not really. I am used to doing extended runs in New York. Five shows seems like a drop in the bucket but I am glad that I am going to be there for a few days and settle in and people will know about it. It is nice to come into a city for one night and the next day people will go, “She was there last night?” This is an opportunity to everyone to come to see the show so it is exciting.

JN: Well, I am happy to get the word out about the show. I have been a fan of yours for a long time.

SB: Good, thank you.
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