The Oxygen Channel is breathing new life into the hit television show Glee with its latest project. The winner of the Glee Project competition earns a seven-episode arc in a storyline built around their new character. Thousands auditioned around the country including an open call in Chicago. Through homework assignments of performing in front of a mystery guest and making music videos before a last chance recital these hopefuls proved their talents for TV. The producer Ryan Murphy whittled down the group to the final four and had a record number of 1.2 viewers for the finale. The results were a double win for Irish Damian McGinty and rocker Samuel Larsen with a bonus two-episode stint for Rachel-esque Lindsay Pearce and openly gay Alex Newell. Nunn on the Run talked to the group the day after the finale.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, all. The Project is finally over. How hard was it to keep the secret?

Samuel Larsen: Nearly impossible.

Lindsay Pearce: It was really hard.

Alex Newell: Pretty easy.

SL: It sucks, but I think when you have that kind of a lawsuit that could potentially be against you if you say anything, it gets in your ears.
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