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Courtney Act

Hailing from the brand new season of Logo’s hit television show RuPaul’s Drag Race Shane Jenek is now transformed into the female illusionist Courtney Act. The girl from Down Under moved to West Hollywood to a career that was launched thanks to Australian Idol. Act uses those pipes in her new song “To Russia With Love.”

Act opened for Gaga on her Australian tour and sang at her birthday party. Bette Midler called Courtney a “sensation.” Act played the role of Angel in RENT the musical and became the face of Sheer Cover makeup in past years.

Watch this blonde bombshell take over season six this spring on the Drag Race and we skyped Shane in Sydney to get the scoop on what makes him a winning Act.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hi, Courtney. Is this your first time in Chicago?

CA: (Courtney Act) I spent a day in Chicago in 2010. When I flew into America I flew from London to Chicago. I was there for one night before going to Columbus and I chose to go to the Oprah gift store. I bought a pair of purple and gold Louis Vuitton sandals that had been worn by Oprah herself.

That is the beginning and end of my Chicago experience so I am looking forward to experiencing more.
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Big Freedia

The New Orleans rapper Big Freedia was twerking while Miley Cyrus was still in diapers only it was called “bounce.” This movement was underground but thanks to artists like Freedia it became big following his lively concerts and several albums.

He was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award, featured on many television shows then shook all the way to South by Southwest.

His new reality show on Fuse is set to bring him into the spotlight in a personal and professional way. Nunn on the Run talked to him before the big debut of the series.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Freedia. I saw you perform in concert at the Empty Bottle a while ago.

Big Freedia: Oh yeah. I love the Empty Bottle.
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Australian hairstylist Tabatha Coffey has been reinventing businesses across the country on Bravo and is finishing up her hit show Tabatha Takes Over for another season.

First competing on Shear Genius on television then led to a salon takeover show. With a knack for business savvy and a talent for seeing through the problems, Coffey is one to watch on reality TV.

Her book It’s Not Really About the Hair described her life growing up around drag queens and being openly lesbian. No matter what endeavor she takes on she seems to have the magic touch.

We chatted on the phone about the new season of her show before it began.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hey, Tabatha. It’s your favorite reporter from Chicago on the phone!

TC: (Tabatha Coffey) I know it is.

JN: This season looks as gay as ever with a drag queen playing you on one episode. Where was that?

TC: Oh, it was fabulous. It was here in California in Riverside at a nightclub that I took over. Morgan McMichaels is actually a friend of mine as well. Now I know where I can turn if I ever get sick or need a day off, Morgan’s my girl because she is fabulous at being me.
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Chicago is lucky and talented enough to have three contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race for the fourth season on the Logo Channel. One of them Phi Phi O’Hara may be gone with the Windy City but we learned that she is originally from the Lone Star State among other fun facts in this early interview before the show premiered.

Jerry Nunn: Hey, Phi Phi. You have been performing at Spin Nightclub for a while now.

Phi Phi O’Hara: Yes, since I moved here. It has been three years now.

JN: I just went to one of your shows recently and you were amazing.

PO: Well, I try. Thank you.

JN: You host as well as perform?
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Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny came from a small town in Tennessee to work the scene in New York as a drag queen. From Wigstock to Drag U this performer has served as judge, advisor and organizer to some of the best acts in the world. Bunny dishes on dance floor divas and hair before the upcoming Market Days weekend performance at Spin Nightclub.

Jerry Nunn: Hey, Lady. Very excited to see you back in Chicago.

Lady Bunny: Me, too. It has been a couple of years I think.

JN: You used to perform at Spin before it even had that name.

LB: It was called Foxys back then.

JN: Yes, it was.

LB: The old gal is still going!
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