Actress Kelly Lynch began her career as a model for Elite then went on to appear in such films as Drugstore Cowboy, Cocktail, and Road House that became huge hits in the eighties. She continued playing original and unforgettable characters in Charlie’s Angels and The L Word.

Her latest project is on the Starz network show Magic City. Set in 1950’s Miami, Florida, the story follows Ike Evans played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who owns a high-end hotel that becomes involved with the mob. She plays Meg Bannock the sister of Ike’s deceased first wife who comes from old money.

We found out how this successful actress crashed into the business and how her journey continues to this day.

Jerry Nunn: Hey, Kelly. So you are calling from LA?

Kelly Lynch: I am.

JN: I know you are originally from Minnesota.

KL: Exactly. I actually spent a winter in your fair city doing Curly Sue, which was John Hughes last directed film. I had a weird occurrence on Lake Shore Drive. We hit sheet ice with my daughter, who is now 26 years old. I was afraid there would be a 300-car pile up because we were the first ones hitting the guardrail so I got my daughter out of the car and carried her on my back because we couldn’t stand on the wind and the ice. I crawled across and got to the side before more accidents could happen.
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