Project Runway now has its own spin off with the show Project Accessory on Lifetime Television. Chicago’s Diego Rocha was just voted off but appears in the finale this week. This award winning handbag designer brings his Brazilian style to the table creating items that can enhance any outfit. We talked to Rocha about how he makes his life work with a purse.

Jerry Nunn: Oi, Diego. You are from Brazil…

Diego Rocha: I am, originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

JN: Then you moved to New York.

DR: I moved to New York in 2002 then I moved to Chicago in 2005. I have been here for a while actually.

JN: So how do you like Chicago?

DR: I love Chicago. It is such a great city. The people are amazing but I hate the weather very much. Like everybody else right? But I have a great clientele here so I am staying.

JN: You have your own storefront?
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