Neil Finn front man for the group Crowded House has a new project this time with his wife,Sharon,  called the Pajama Club. Neil made the ‘80s Split Enz with his brother Tim before the hit single with the House “Don’t Dream It’s Over.” The Club’s new album doesn’t hit until September 13 but Chicago gets a sneak preview at the Double Door this week. Daylight

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Neil. Where are you calling from?

Neil Finn: We are at Aukland in our home. We are on our way to LA tomorrow. We are just briefly stopping in to do the washing and the last tech before we hit stateside.

Yes, you are coming to Chicago and only a few other cities. I am excited!

NF: We are excited too.

The Double Door is very intimate.

NF: We have a whole new band. We really want to get good as quickly as we can by doing shows. The idea of doing little rooms in various places is very exciting.

Do you happen to wear pajamas for this show?
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