Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs sometimes referred to as TEED is really the moniker for Orlando Higginbottom who is a  DJ, singer, and producer of beautiful music.He has a summer release called Trouble on the way in June where past singles will be included. Hailing from Oxford, this Dinosaur plans on taking over the world!

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Orlando. You are coming back to Chicago.

Orlando Higginbottom: Yes, that’s right.

JN: You have been here before, correct?

OH: Once to a place called Beauty Bar.

JN: It will be great to see you perform at Berlin Nightclub. Where did the name Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs come from in the first place?

OH: It came from a friend when we were pissing around and being frustrated with cool shit. I wanted to do something ridiculous.

JN: Did you think about going by the name Orlando?
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