Jazz Jennings is facing life-changing decisions at only 11-years old. From a very early age the Jennings believed that Jazz was exhibiting gender identity disorder as Jazz gravitated towards female objects and clothing. Jazz’s story has been featured on 20/20, The Rosie Show, and now a new documentary I Am Jazz: A Family in Transition on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Through interviews and opening their family home, the Jennings wrestle with decisions to possibly block hormones and fight discrimination in the everyday life of Jazz.

We spoke to Jazz and mother Jeanette right before the documentary aired.

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Jeanette and Jazz.

Jeanette Jennings: Jazz has been singing and dancing around all day. She has an audition tonight for 101 Dalmations. She wants a part, not a big part, but she wants a part.

Jazz Jennings: I do want a big part.

JN: So not turning down any offers…

Jeanette: If she gets the lead of Cruella de Vil then that would be great too.
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