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New York’s Hottest Top Model by Real Urban Men Productions

Starring Ace Rockwood, Paris, and Smokey

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: Take this Tyra and suck on it, here’s a top porn model.

Groeper: You interviewed the lesbian on the current season correct?

P: Yes, Kayla. She is doing really well in the competition.

G: This cover is a little bland and gray.

P: I picked this one for the title, not the cover.
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Sean Hayes

After a long day at the Wendy Williams show, I sang to the audience the theme song from the Facts of Life for prizes and interviewed the producer, it was time to hit the Great White Way! 42nd Street was wild as ever and bustling with activity. I went to pick up the tickets to Promises, Promises. The sarcastic box office attendant mentioned that Kristin Chenoweth was out for the night and since the tickets were comped, “did I want my money back?” I stated, “No, Smarty.” but I was disappointed. We had traveled a long way to see her and Sean Hayes perform in the show. I was impressed with Sean’s performance. The reviews had been hard on him for being too gay but it didn’t bother me. He was very good at slapstick in a Jack Tripper sort of way. His bit with a slippery chair was classic. The stand in for Kristin did an ample job but I wanted to see the girl I had interviewed here. After the show, I met Sean and told him about our trip all the way from his hometown. The night turned around with “just Jack” meeting “just Jer.”

Amanda Lepore

With two trips this week, I accidentally went to the wrong airport thinking of the second trip to Louisiana and not the first to New York. Stressful was not the word as we raced from Midway to O’Hare. The night was more relaxing after drinks and dinner at Frida then off to Hiro to dance all night. Within five minutes of being at the club I see Amanda Lepore. I love her song My Pussy.

We danced the night away with go-go boys and took a bite out of the big apple!

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