Mystique Summer Madison is out to prove that she’s the next big thing to come out of Texas on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Nunn on the Run tracked the Chicago transplant all the way to Bedford for an interview.

Jerry Nunn: Where did your drag name come from?

Mystique Madison: Well, I have always been in love with the X-men. I knew I would always have that drag name so I wanted go with something creepy and strange. Since I was changing from a boy to a girl I wanted to do something shape shifting like the character Mystique from the comic book. Summers came from my drag family then I realized it also came from X-men with Scott Summers. Madison is from one of my friends down here in Texas.

JN: So you are originally from Illinois?

MM: Correct. I grew up north of Chicago in Waukegan. I didn’t perform drag until I came to Texas. I was in Chicago until I was sixteen or seventeen.

JN: What made you move to Texas?
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