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Deluka is a British band that still sounds modern but conjures up the ‘80s at the same time. Their video for “Cascade” has them exploring the streets of New York City and was featured in the world of fashion. The group consists of Ellie, Kris, Robbie and Stevie. We spoke to the group backstage at Lollapalooza.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, gang! You have the most fans out of every group here…

Kris: Yes, the paper fans with Deluka on them are keeping people cool here at Lollapaplooza.

Ellie: It was my idea. I saw Amanda Lepore put her face on paper fans and it made her a hit with the crowd so we did it too for this.

JN: It worked. Are there any gay members in the group?

Robbie: No, we a have a big gay following, which is brilliant.

JN: What is your background?
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Lights Concert

Juno Award winner Lights made the trip from Canada to perform at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. One my favorite acts from the past few years, I had the opportunity to interview her, read it here. Her new single ” My Boots” can be purchased by clicking here.

Listen to the sneak peek My Boots and check it out live when she is in your town!

Findlay Brown

I saw Findlay Brown open up for Shelby Lynne the other night. He not only can sing but has a great sense of humor when he appeared on stage saying “Hello, Cleveland!” Read my interview with Shelby Lynne here. Love Will Find You

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke is Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter. Before performing at a recent Macy’s event, he sat down with Windy City Times to talk Sex Therapy Nunn on One. Sex Therapy

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Robin. I saw you in concert when you opened for Beyonce.

Robin Thicke: That was a great tour.

JN: The women behind me were going crazy!

RT: I love it!

JN: So tell me about the new CD, Sex Therapy.

RT: Sex Therapy follows that tradition of Marvin Gaye and of “Sexual Healing.” It’s that kind of emotion. As I was writing the song I was thinking what do women need when they are stressed out or overworked or wound up? They need Sex Therapy!

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Bob Mould

Singer Bob Mould, from the group Husker Du and Sugar, discusses his new CD, Life and Times, with Nunn on the Run. Life And Times

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Bob. How have you been? I haven’t talked to you since the Blowoff event.

Bob Mould: Things have been good. The last Blowoff was during Halsted Street Fair. I have been busy trying to get my autobiography finished. That has been the major project for the better part of last year. I have spent a lot of time in New York working on that. I am in San Francisco this weekend for a Blowoff event out here. I go back to Washington, D.C., for a few days, then start off the band tour.

JN: Explain how your solo tour is different than when you tour with Richard Morel and Blowoff.
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Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys just had their ninth Billboard Dance number one hit with “Love Etc.” the first being “West End Girls” in 1986. Constantly touring to support selling 50 million records worldwide, luckily the duo is on their way to Chicago. Neil Tennant talked with Nunn on One about his career. Pandemonium

Jerry Nunn: What an honor to interview you, Neil! Take our readers from the beginning. You met Chris Lowe in an electronics shop in London?

Neil Tennant: Down the road from where I am speaking to you now.

JN: You still live in the same area?

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Jessie James

Jessica James—who’s all of 20—released her debut album this past August. Singles such as “Wanted” and “I Look So Good” prove that this singer has a range to land her on the charts. Psycho Girlfriend

Jerry Nunn: Howdy, Jessie! How is life right now?

Jessie James: Life is very good. I have been busy of course but I feel good. I can’t complain.

JN: I heard that you spent a lot of time in Nashville. That’s where I grew up.

JJ: Really? I love Nashville. That’s where I live now.

JN: The original Jesse James was an outlaw. Do you see yourself like this?

JJ: I am not a bad girl where you will see me messing up like Lindsay Lohan. I can get into trouble but nothing that is going to be detrimental to my career.

JN: Who are your musical influences?
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