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Mondo Guerra 2

Mondo Guerra brought new life to the designing table in season eight of the reality show Project Runway. Being runner up for the finals was a surprise to many as he was predicted to be the winner. During the tenth challenge he was inspired by his being HIV positive and came out to the world about his status. He appeared with Liza Minnelli to open World AIDS Day last year at the New York Stock Exchange.

He dropped into Macy’s at Water Tower Place and as Heidi says we had a “little chat.”

Jerry Nunn: Hola, Mondo. The last time I saw you was a while back at Berlin Nightclub.

Mondo Guerra: I went to Berlin last night. The night you were talking about I was judging a voguing contest that went on and on. I don’t know how many times I saw a queen do a death drop! We know the drill. You all won. You are all fabulous.

JN: (laughs) Everybody is a winner. Last time we talked I meant to ask you if Mondo is a nickname?
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Mondo Guerra

Mondo Guerra was picked as the frontrunner to win Lifetime’s season eight of Project Runway. Nunn on the Run spoke with him the day after the finale to show even in second place he is still a winner in our book!

Jerry Nunn: Hey, Mondo. So this is a big day for you!

Mondo Guerra: It is a new day for sure.

JN: This season was such a return to greatness for the show.
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