Kelly Osbourne grew up in front of our eyes on her family’s television show The Osbournes on MTV. She has made marks in singing, dancing and acting through the years with a new movie with Miley Cyrus on the horizon and more seasons of the Fashion Police on E!

We recently sat down with Ms. O at a casting call searching for the new spokesperson for the Material Girl line at Macy’s on State Street.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Kelly. How are you feeling after your recent accident?

Kelly Osbourne: It was a bit of a shock. That is why I am wearing this hat. I am doing much better than I was for sure. I had never cracked my head open before. It was a complete and utter accident, which makes it all the more embarrassing. It wasn’t like someone hit me or I fell. I was showing someone how to ballroom dance, he dipped me back and my head hit the corner of a speaker. Luckily one of the security men used to be a paramedic and he cleaned me up. The cut was a paper cut but it bled so much! So we thought it would be the end of the night and go home. I went to a hotel and didn’t feel right, then next thing I knew I was in an ambulance. It was very scary.

JN: Well, I am glad you made it back to Chicago.

KO: I couldn’t let anyone down with this event.
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