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Jason Dottley

Performer Jason Dottley is bringing his XXX: My First 30 Years act to Hamburger Marys in Andersonville. The Sordid Lives actor is bringing his costar from the series Allison Tolman, who played Tink, along with him for the ride.

Jason has been delivering Top 20 Billboard dance songs such as “Hit Play” and “Pop It” along with tours of Southern Baptist Sissies nationally.

We talked to Jason about his visit to Chicago and what life has been like for him recently.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Jason. Tell me about your background and where you grew up.

Jason Dottley: I am from Mississippi. I studied pop culture and that is what I have my non-legitimate degree in. I went to college for about six months and then I left to move to Los Angeles. I knew what I wanted to do was in entertainment. The plan B that I was told to have was a way of telling myself that I wasn’t going to make it so I refused to have one.
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Madonna has been a pop star for most her life. She blew up the dance charts by performing in clubs in the 80s’ and has not stopped since. Like a chameleon her image has always been stronger than her music. She finally has a new album entitled MDNA being released on March 26. I have heard four tracks so far and have been underwhelmed. William Orbit is producing the record so I expected more.

Let me just start off saying I heart Madonna. I used to carry a scrapbook full of articles about her in junior high clutched to my chest. I took pictures of her music videos from my television set. I loved “Material Girl” and never got sick of it. So it is difficult for a longtime fan like me to be disappointed with the new music so far.

“Masterpiece” the lazy slow song from her self directed movie W.E. has her pipes sounding good and stretching but this is a basic acoustic guitar song that I am sure she will stand on stage and play live while the crowd goes for beer and a bathroom break. What a snooze and even the remixes are boring.

The lead off single “Give Me All Your Luvin’” sounds like an Old Navy commercial. While cute at the Super Bowl, the track has gotten zero radio play and is so self indulgent that it leaves nothing for the listener to enjoy. I can just hear Madonna discussing with little Lourdes Leon “Who should I get to feature on my track that all the kids listen to?” Well Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. for sure will guarantee a radio hit. I guess not…

Her second single “Girl Gone Wild” is at least a step in the right direction. The problem is she had to change the title for legal reasons and the song sounds more like a fourth single not something hoping for commercial success. Maybe “Geriatrics Gone Wild” is more fitting ouch! Why not make this a duet with Lourdes who is actually a girl?

“Gang Bang” shows her stretching a bit with a dance sound that is more Eartha Kitt and has peaked my interest so maybe there is some hope…

People have suggested that she started selling tickets to the 2012 World Tour before the album was released because it is so bad. She has two sold out dates in Chicago on Sept. 19 and 20 but many fans were put off by her “save your money” comment with some tickets costing over $300 plus fees and up. For many it is the experience of Madonna. It is going to the concert and reliving past music that they grew up listening to. I get it. I have paid lots of dollar bills for the greatest hits tour that audiences really want. If this tour is as obnoxious as the Drowned World tour with her playing singles that no one wants to hear then I will just stay home and soak in my bathtub this time out.

Hopefully I will eat my words like Hard Candy when the new album is released. Until then I am raising my middle finger so far, Madonna!

More on Madonna visit http://www.madonna.com.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne grew up in front of our eyes on her family’s television show The Osbournes on MTV. She has made marks in singing, dancing and acting through the years with a new movie with Miley Cyrus on the horizon and more seasons of the Fashion Police on E!

We recently sat down with Ms. O at a casting call searching for the new spokesperson for the Material Girl line at Macy’s on State Street.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Kelly. How are you feeling after your recent accident?

Kelly Osbourne: It was a bit of a shock. That is why I am wearing this hat. I am doing much better than I was for sure. I had never cracked my head open before. It was a complete and utter accident, which makes it all the more embarrassing. It wasn’t like someone hit me or I fell. I was showing someone how to ballroom dance, he dipped me back and my head hit the corner of a speaker. Luckily one of the security men used to be a paramedic and he cleaned me up. The cut was a paper cut but it bled so much! So we thought it would be the end of the night and go home. I went to a hotel and didn’t feel right, then next thing I knew I was in an ambulance. It was very scary.

JN: Well, I am glad you made it back to Chicago.

KO: I couldn’t let anyone down with this event.
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Michael Musto

Michael Musto is known for his column in The Village Voice where he writes La Dolce Musto. He just released his book “Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back” compiling many of his past celebrity tidbits.

We chatted about this latest project and talked shop about writing.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Michael. Are you calling from work?

Michael Musto: I work out of my home so yes. I work 24 hours a day.

JN: Must be nice to not go to a formal office.

MM: It is kind of nice to just click something and my column goes in.

JN: How did you wind up working for The Village Voice in the first place?
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Donna De Lory

“Who’s That Girl?” It’s Donna De Lory who toured for years with Madonna and continues to stretch her legs as an artist with new albums now focusing on the world of yoga. Donna has finally found Sanctuary in California where she chatted about her new life. Sanctuary

Hello, Donna. After all this time are you still talking to Madonna?

Yes, over the last few years we have been hanging out when we work together. I have my family and she has her family. She was always telling me what it was like before and now that I have mine we just look at each other and know. We can relate now.

Is it hard having a career and a baby?

Of course, I have an eight year old too. I took her on two Madonna tours, crazy, when she was one and three. I was doing my own shows on my days off, which was completely insane. We got through it and have a lot of amazing memories. My daughter is funny, “I have been on three world tours with Madonna!” I tell her it’s two, not three.

Would you like your kids to go into the music business?
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Kristine W

Kristine W took over the dance club charts like few others in her time. Many people may not realize that she has released seven albums, coming behind Madonna and Beyonce for most club play in the past decade. She holds the world record for the most consecutive number one hits on Billboard’s Club chart. Recently W shifted to a new style with a double jazz album entitled Straight Up With a Twist. Bringing her act to town for two events it was time to chat a bit Nunn on One. Fade

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Miss W.

Kristine W: I thought I would call you a bit early, I am picking my daughter up from school soon.

JN: You are so domestic. How do you do it?
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John Waters

John Waters the historic filmmaker known for beginning the careers of Divine, Mink Stole and Ricki Lake in such unforgettable films such as Hairspray, Cry-Baby and Serial Mom, is comin’ to town and you better be naughty not nice! The cult icon sat down with Nunn on the Run to talk about his book Role Models.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, John. I just plowed through your book. They just got it to me today.

John Waters: That’s called cramming, isn’t it?

JN: Yes, I really liked it. It was injected with your life but such an homage to other people.

JW: Well, it was a memoir and it was reporting. It was a couple of genres turned into one.

JN: Was there anyone you felt that you left out?
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