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Rosco Bandana

Rock band Rosco Bandana returns to Chicago after popping up at the Hard Rock for a Lollapalooza after party. Their Mississippi rooted sound can be described as a mix of genres from country, pop, gospel, to rock. Their members include Jason Sanford, Jennifer Flint, Emily Sholes, Josh Smith, Jackson Weldon, Barry Bribyl, Jr. and Patrick Mooney.

Nunn on the Run was lucky enough to be the first interview ever for several members of the band. Get to know this up and coming group before they take over the world with a brand new first album this week.

Jerry Nunn; Hey, Ladies. Where is the band from?

Emily Sholes: We are from Mississippi, the south coast. We are all from the same area.

JN: When did you meet?
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The annual concert celebration Lollapalooza turned 21 this year and took over the entire downtown of Chicago.
Created by Jayne’s Addiction frontman Perry Ferrell in 1991 originally as a traveling act the music festival now resides in Chicago with Brazilian and now Israeli contingents.
A mashup of musical styles on various stages for three days makes for an experience many cannot compete against.
To kick things off there were several parties that then continued through the weekend. Starting off at the W Hotel Spin Magazine’s party gave an excellent view of the city while listening to tunes and having drinks. Samsung threw a luncheon and party at the Hotel Sax.
Every night at the Hard Rock the party didn’t stop until the break of dawn thanks to Rock the Vote.
There were a few gay music acts such as my friend JC & the Uptown Sound and Jonsi from Sigur Ros is always creative with a hefty sized crowd at the Red Bull Stage. But boy was it sunny!
Florence + the Machine packed the Bud Light stage doubling the crowd at Ozzy and Black Sabbath brought in.
On Saturday a sudden rainstorm evacuated the entire festival then shows started up again a few hours later. The mud pit that plagued last years Lolla returned to have attendees sliding around and even losing some clothes! Dance acts included Calvin Harris and Kaskade.
Frank Ocean had a moving set and a healthy fan base that couldn’t wait for him to start.
People had to literally bounce from stage to stage and walk the long trek across the streets. Luckily Graham Elliott and the gang supplied lots of food and water stations really helped out.
Fun booths taught everyone about anything from recycling to HIV prevention.
Popular Red Hot Chili Peppers had hipsters singing followed by Santigold dancing with umbrellas on Perry’s stage.
Jack White really rocked out to finish off the very long weekend before saying goodbye. Whether you like White, Black or Red there was something for everyone this year! For next years event keep posted on www.lollapalooza.com.


Dev contains three letters but she is already a big star! Pop singer Devin Star Talles is taking over the charts first with “In the Dark” and now teaming up with Enrique Iglesias for “Naked.” Her voice is also a part of the track “Like a G6” for Far East Movement.

Discovered by the production team The Cataracs on Myspace. Working with them launched her into the music world then finally releasing her first solo album entitled The Night the Sun Came Up.

We caught up with her during a recent appearance in our home state to check out her “Booty Bounce!”

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Dev. Where did you beautiful name from?

Dev: Oh, that’s cute. My mom named me after a model. Her name was Devin.

JN: And your middle name is Star.

Dev: My parents went to too many Grateful Dead concerts I think. My middle name is Star, my sister’s is Sol and other one is Luna so Star, Sun Moon.

JN: That is adorable. You are from California?
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During the summer so many acts come to Chicago that it makes it hard to keep up for average concert goer.
Lincoln Hall has quickly grown to be one of my favorite venues to see acts. Growing out of Schubas Tavern on Belmont and Southport, this place has the same owners but is a newer space with dark wood and a balcony to get a birds eye view on the scene.

The front bar has had some slow service and a bit of an attitude at times but the front door staff has grown on me and now we are friendly. A place that serves 5 dollar hamburgers after ten o’clock is always dear to my heart and stomach.

Not only can you get up close and personal to the stage but many acts come to merchandise booth and hang out with fans. It is a great way to meet upcoming bands.

Last week I saw Sarah Jaffe and Tanlines perform at Lincoln Hall. Although they are new performers, I believe it will be no time before they are playing even bigger venues. For the Pitchfork after party Tanlines sang “All of Me” and people were talking about it nonstop when the left that evening.

Past acts playing here have been Fiona Apple, The Temper Trap, and Foster the People, who have all gone on to bigger spaces.

Owl City is entering Top 40 territory thanks to Carly Rae Jepsen and having a “Good Time.” He kicked off his tour at The Bottom Lounge and seemed so genuinely thrilled to see his fans. He can have goofy lyrics at times but he makes people smile and sometimes that is what music is all about.

Speaking of smiles Barry Manilow can’t smile without you and he packed three nights at The Chicago Theatre.

I stayed up late one night at the Paris Studio to interview and watch new DJ dance act Rebecca & Fiona perform right after the Windy City Live anniversary party. The girls were sweet and even made me have a drink with them.

Flipping interviews over to the Spanish side I spoke with Natalia Jimenez from La Quinta Estacion before her show at V Live.

She was so much fun and playing with glow sticks, free Miller Lites, and 3D photos kept the night jumping. People already lined up for Jersey Shore’s Pauly D but we bounced to Spin instead to meet Manila from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I skipped Taste of Chicago this year. There were some classic music acts but no turkey legs and the smaller space cramped their style this time out.

Nicki Minaj hit the stage this past Monday and it was not boring. She has such a kinetic energy with her rhymes. The crowd wore lots of pink and wigs creating an exciting night with lots to look at.

Lollapalooza and Market Days are on the way with many concerts in between so get ready and fasten your seat belts with lots of pictures and coverage from NunnontheRun.com!

The Temper Trap

Australian band The Temper Trap was just announced to play at Lollapalooza this year. This is hot on the heels of two shows at Lincoln Hall where I caught up to them before the concert.

Their hit single “Sweet Disposition” won multiple awards including Most Popular Australian Single.

Their music has been featured on films such as (500) Days of Summer and television shows such as The Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill.

We chatted with two of the band Dougy Mandagi and newest member Joseph Greer.

Jerry Nunn: Hey, guys. You did two shows with one being last night.

Joseph Greer: Last night’s crowd was the best one yet.

JN: I just saw Fiona Apple at Lincoln Hall recently.

JG: I heard it was a crazy show. People were trying to get tickets for it.

JN: Yes, I barely got in.

JG: Was it amazing?
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JC Brooks

JC from JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound steps out on his own as performer at the Alt Q Fest this weekend. Don’t worry, he’s not leaving the group just showing more of what this mega talented performer can do.

If you missed the group that performed Passing Strange at the Bailiwick last year then get ready to discover a blend of styles with their latest release called Want More.

After a huge crowd at the recent gig at Metro we can see big things are headed for the group including Lollapalooza this summer.

We talked to the lead singer JC who just so happens to be part of our Windy City Idol family.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, JC. I heard about you are appearing at the Alt Q Festival. Did you know Scott Free before this?

JC: Sort of, I had been to Homolatte a couple of years back. I had seen his name around town doing random stuff but until he actually approached me to do this I don’t think we had actually had a conversation about anything.

JN: He is very excited about having you.

JC: Nice, and I am excited to do this. I don’t know if I had told you or not but it has been a while since I had performed my own stuff out, either my music or poetry. I am really looking forward to this.
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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs sometimes referred to as TEED is really the moniker for Orlando Higginbottom who is a  DJ, singer, and producer of beautiful music.He has a summer release called Trouble on the way in June where past singles will be included. Hailing from Oxford, this Dinosaur plans on taking over the world!

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Orlando. You are coming back to Chicago.

Orlando Higginbottom: Yes, that’s right.

JN: You have been here before, correct?

OH: Once to a place called Beauty Bar.

JN: It will be great to see you perform at Berlin Nightclub. Where did the name Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs come from in the first place?

OH: It came from a friend when we were pissing around and being frustrated with cool shit. I wanted to do something ridiculous.

JN: Did you think about going by the name Orlando?
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