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British singer Mika is bringing it back Stateside in a return tour although more acoustic and intimate than past sold out shows. The artist who released his third album The Origin of Love last year has continually stepped up his game with his impressive vocal range while selling 8.5 million records in the process. This has developed into a large catalogue of work over the years with songs such as “We Are Golden” and “Grace Kelly.”

His lead off single and collaboration with Pharrell Williams “Celebrate” was a highlight from his latest album. He then went Broadway using music inspired by the musical Wicked for “Popular Song” featuring Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande. The composer Stephen Schwartz was so moved by his rendition that it’s the only time he’s authorized its usage.

Mika takes on bullying, Twitter, and The Brady Bunch in this exclusive interview.

Jerry Nunn: Hey, Mika. You are coming back to Chicago again.

Mika: Yes, It’s quite cool. I love Chicago. People dance and lose themselves there. It’s fun.
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Delta Rae

Rock band Delta Rae are a friends and family act with Ian, Eric, and Britney Hölljes forming the centerpiece and Elizabeth Hopkins, Mike McKee, and Grant Emerson adding to the sound. Their music can be described as Fleetwood Mac meets Blues Traveler. Hailing from North Carolina this sextet is constantly touring and bringing their music once again to Chicago this week.

We talked about their homage to gay love by phone when they were out on the road.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Ian. Where in the world are you?

Ian Hölljes: We are driving out of Utah heading toward San Diego. It has been a real geographical conundrum what that route looks like. I can’t really picture it in my brain so we are leaving it up to GPS.

JN: You are always touring aren’t you?
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During the summer so many acts come to Chicago that it makes it hard to keep up for average concert goer.
Lincoln Hall has quickly grown to be one of my favorite venues to see acts. Growing out of Schubas Tavern on Belmont and Southport, this place has the same owners but is a newer space with dark wood and a balcony to get a birds eye view on the scene.

The front bar has had some slow service and a bit of an attitude at times but the front door staff has grown on me and now we are friendly. A place that serves 5 dollar hamburgers after ten o’clock is always dear to my heart and stomach.

Not only can you get up close and personal to the stage but many acts come to merchandise booth and hang out with fans. It is a great way to meet upcoming bands.

Last week I saw Sarah Jaffe and Tanlines perform at Lincoln Hall. Although they are new performers, I believe it will be no time before they are playing even bigger venues. For the Pitchfork after party Tanlines sang “All of Me” and people were talking about it nonstop when the left that evening.

Past acts playing here have been Fiona Apple, The Temper Trap, and Foster the People, who have all gone on to bigger spaces.

Owl City is entering Top 40 territory thanks to Carly Rae Jepsen and having a “Good Time.” He kicked off his tour at The Bottom Lounge and seemed so genuinely thrilled to see his fans. He can have goofy lyrics at times but he makes people smile and sometimes that is what music is all about.

Speaking of smiles Barry Manilow can’t smile without you and he packed three nights at The Chicago Theatre.

I stayed up late one night at the Paris Studio to interview and watch new DJ dance act Rebecca & Fiona perform right after the Windy City Live anniversary party. The girls were sweet and even made me have a drink with them.

Flipping interviews over to the Spanish side I spoke with Natalia Jimenez from La Quinta Estacion before her show at V Live.

She was so much fun and playing with glow sticks, free Miller Lites, and 3D photos kept the night jumping. People already lined up for Jersey Shore’s Pauly D but we bounced to Spin instead to meet Manila from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I skipped Taste of Chicago this year. There were some classic music acts but no turkey legs and the smaller space cramped their style this time out.

Nicki Minaj hit the stage this past Monday and it was not boring. She has such a kinetic energy with her rhymes. The crowd wore lots of pink and wigs creating an exciting night with lots to look at.

Lollapalooza and Market Days are on the way with many concerts in between so get ready and fasten your seat belts with lots of pictures and coverage from NunnontheRun.com!

Lincoln Hall was the place to be this week. Singer Fiona Apple’s show sold out there in mere minutes crashing their servers. With lit candles and mood lighting the songstress performed past songs along with new ones.
The next morning I had brunch with gospel singers Mary Mary to watch their new reality show on WE tv. At night it was dinner at Season 52 to sample their new summer menu.

The next day I interviewed Paula Poundstone for her show in Skokie then checked out another concert at Lincoln Hall with singer Van Hunt. Unfortunately it was at the same time as Nigerian singer Nneka so I ran back and forth. Nneka really put on a political music show and taught the crowd some new words in her native language.

Afterwards we chatted before I ran back to see more of Van.

Elate restaurant featured a group entitled the Time Machines that is made up of a trio of cuties in hats playing the keyboards, drums, and cello. Specialty drinks were intriguing aside from the Calpotoska, which I felt was really peppery but don’t miss the smoked ham & egg flatbread.

The next morning started early  with a trip to Macy’s on State and preview of the flower show featuring Brasil.

I attended the Jason Dottley solo show at Hamburger Mary’s in the evening. This Sordid Lives television star made some fun observations about gay life.

The week ended with one more trip to Lincoln Hall to a packed house rocking to The Temper Trap. With two nights there the Australian group displayed lots of new tunes and plan on returning to Chicago soon.

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