Dance singer Kerli brought her “Army of Love” to Chicago this past summer to perform at Roscoe’s Tavern and Lollapalooza. This Estonian chanteuse packed Borderline Music on Broadway and took a stroll around the block afterwards for a quick chat.

Jerry Nunn: Alright the record signing is over.

Kerli: It is so nice outside, let’s walk a bit.

JN: How do you think everything went? You had a great crowd.

K: How do you think it went? (laughs)

JN: Seems like lots of people love your music.

K: I created Moon Children five years ago. It wasn’t the popular thing to do back then, along with social media and the things I did. I started this community. It is an organic part of who I am and it always has been. They really inspire me, too. It is not really like I am the artist and they are the fans. It is more like I am the art piece and they are helping me design it.
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