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Jordan Knight

Pop singer Jordan Knight has been breaking hearts since the boy band New Kids on the Block hit it big.

He worked the reality show circuit on the Surreal Life for VH1 for a few different projects.

Jordan’s solo career reached the top ten on Billboard’s Hot 100 with single “Give It to You.”

His third solo album Unfinished hit number eight on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart.

We talked to him before his recent show in Joliet.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Jordan. The fans have been outside since ten in the morning.

Jordan Knight: I feel for them.

JN: This is going to be about 900 people in this space tonight.

JK: That will be crazy! It will be jamming.
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This week gets a B rating on this report card. Everything was above average but not perfect.

The week started off with a blast with the anniversary party at Charlie’s. Unlike anniversary parties at other venues there was no line down the block and it didn’t take 30 minutes to obtain a cocktail at the bar. The crowd was so friendly and the line dancing was entertaining to watch even if you don’t prefer country music. Darla from their bingo night was especially sweet with complimenting my writing and finally meeting in person. I shed a tear in my beer!

Tuesday was a big gay day for me. I attended an Oscar panel preview, interviewed Judy Garland’s daughter Lorna, then went to see Mamma Mia.

I hated the movie so was a little skeptical but was pleased to find that it worked better as a stage musical. The women’s voices were particularly strong and the men lost their shirts enough to keep the silly plot moving. I met the cutest Asian dancer after the show and he was a “Super Trooper” to take a picture with me!

I attended the Watch312.com debut at The James Hotel later in the week to learn about all things Chicago. Then I headed over to The Bottom Lounge to see a boy band I interviewed called The Wanted. This show was a flashback to the ’80s with homemade signs everywhere and the boys mugging to the screaming crowd.

The group then headed to Roscoe’s where they performed three songs including my favorite “Glad You Came” and we all were…

Speaking of boy bands, I drove to Joliet to chat with Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Fans had been waiting since 10 o’clock in the morning to even catch a glimpse of him.

We talked music and his best bud Debbie Gibson twittered me to tell him hi!

Afterwards, I traveled to Oak Park for bad service and undrinkable margaritas at La Majada Restaurant. We ditched that place then dropped in on new club Antronio’s owned by past owner of Chesterfields. We found better margaritas there along with old friends, a bigger dancer floor, and lively drag show.

Saturday was Steppenwolf day. Being a little gun shy after the dry Penelope their new upstairs show called Time Stand Still was a pleasant surprise. The set, acting, and storyline were top notch. The relationship sucks you in and even though there is nothing gay about it everyone can identify with the toxic twosome. I personally liked the journalism and photography aspect to it.

Then we dined at Stanley’s with excellent service, tasty Stan & Rita’s, and those macaroni fritters, yum! The decor brought me back to my southern roots, yee-haw!

Park West is around the corner where we saw the band Graffiti6 showed their true Colours and met some gay fans that traveled all the way from Kansas City. Here’s a pic with the hunky lead singer Jamie and fans.

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