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For those of you not familiar with C2E2 it stands for Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. It is basically a huge comic convention that stretches out at McCormick Place for three days. A leader in pop culture there was booth after booth to entertain the crowds.
Everything from horror films to Batman selling insurance was on hand to assist people.
This is the place to be with a camera. Photo ops were everywhere with many attendees in costume. The costumes ranged from very realistic to a towel draped over the shoulder as a cape.
Huge backdrops were everywhere for people to pose in front of and at the same time promoting upcoming shows and movies.
The Avengers and Dark Shadows were spotlighted in this manner.
Prism Comics was present to promote LGBT companies and their products.
Novelties were there for purchasing with rare action figures and even huge knives. Who wants to give a deadly weapon to a nerd that has been picked on their whole life? Sounds like a dangerous after school special to me!
I spent some time chatting with Shane West from the CW show Nikita. Even though he has an angry face that’s not what he is really like. He has starred in many shows and even played gay in a movie. Look for my interview in the future to find out more.
With many of these events there is an ugly side to celebrities. Val Kilmer demanded no photos but still charged $40 per autograph. His line was short compared to many actors so word must have gotten around.
Sean Austin from the Lord of the Rings movies was really nice. John Cusack was on good behavior to promote his new film The Raven.
Battle Star Galactica and Star Wars actors were there to appease the sci-fi crowd and Anne Rice signed books for hours for the goths.
One of the nicest actors surprised everyone by having the longest lines and biggest fan bases. Openly gay actor from Doctor Who and Torchwood John Borrowman kept chatting with his diehards until he almost lost his voice.
This year the C2E2 was bigger and better than ever. It was much improved and organized than in the past and will keep everyone looking forward to next year or at least until Wizard World in August, excelsior!

John Barrowman

Actor John Barrowman is proving that he will never die with a new segment to his series Torchwood: Miracle Day on the Starz channel.

Torchwood is a British television show that spun off originally from another show Doctor Who. Moving to different television stations every year on the BBC before now arriving in the United States, the show follows a group of alien hunters led by Captain Jack Harkness played by Barrowman. Miracle Day begins with the entire population on Earth unable to perish and the events that happen thereafter.

John is from Scotland but was raised in Illinois before studying music and theatre in San Diego. He has appeared in musical films such as De-Lovely and The Producers before landing the pivotal role as Jack.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, John. What time is it where you are calling in from?

John Barrowman: It’s just after 8:30 pm. It doesn’t get dark here until about 10 o’clock. I am looking out past my back garden, across the swimming pool. I live right by the beach, looking into the south coast of England.

Rough life! Do you live with your partner there?
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