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George Kotsiopoulos is slapping the cuffs on crazy couture with the hit show Fashion Police for the Entertainment channel. The openly gay fashionista from Skokie rose from the ranks of fashion associate at The New York Times Magazine to become editor for C Magazine.

We talked about being the only man on a panel composed of Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, and Giuliana Rancic on E!

Jerry Nunn: Hi, George. How are you?

George Kotsiopoulos: I’m so tired. We shot Fashion Police this morning and I was picked up at 6:15. I ain’t a morning person. I don’t mind it but if my everyday life was early that would be fine but it is one day a week. It just messes you up.

JN: I bet it does.
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Joan Rivers 3

The legendary comedian Joan Rivers is bringing her act to the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles and filming it for Showtime.

From The Ed Sullivan Show to the Fashion Police, Rivers is some piece of work and keeps the crowds entertained looking forward to the gay community to appear at her show.

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Joan. We are excited about your upcoming Showtime channel taping live and in person!

Joan Rivers: I want every gay man in the area to get out there.

I heard you want the first five rows to be all gay men.

JR: I want the first ten rows to be all gay if possible.

I have got my work cut out for me! (both laugh) What is your favorite drink? I have never asked you that before…

JR: Wine, usually a very simple pinot noir. I love a good dry wine.
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Carol Burnett

The Carol Burnett Show made television history running for 11 years and receiving 25 Emmy Awards. Ms. Burnett’s winning streak didn’t stop there with 12 People’s Choice awards, eight Golden Globes, and the Kennedy Center Honors.

Television was full of more appearances on Mad About You and Law & Order SVU where she received another Emmy nomination.

She played Sue Sylvester’s unforgettable mother on Glee recently and now pops up on Joan Rivers WE tv show Joan & Melissa where Joan Knows Best.

Whether it’s yelling like Tarzan, pulling her ear on Broadway, or writing another New York Times Bestseller, Carol continues to entertain crowds for generations.

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Carol. I heard you are going to be on Joan Rivers’ reality show. How did you get involved with that?

Carol Burnett: She called me, easy as that. This was through a friend of mine Kenny Solms. I don’t know if you know him but he is a great comedy writer. She is best buds with him and I am too. I have known Joan forever because she was on our show as a guest three times.

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Lily Tomlin 3

For decades Lily Tomlin has kept audiences rolling in the aisles. From the television on Laugh-in to movies with Meryl Streep such as a Prairie Home Companion, this multi talented performer always brings her characters to life.

Her roles on such shows as Damages and NCIS have continued to entertain a whole new generation of TV watchers.

Tomlin packs up her characters and heads to Skokie for two shows and we caught up to her to see what’s spinning in her universe.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Lily. So how are you?

Lily Tomlin: Good, good.

JN: I’m excited to see you back in town.

LT: The last time I was there was for the benefit for Center on Halsted. Is Skokie that close to Chicago?

JN: Not too far, just north of the city. I thought I would bring you some Garrett’s popcorn, something very Chicago.

LT: (laughs) That’s a good idea. But what if it spills in your lap during the show?
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The week began with The Magnetic Fields at The Vic. I had interviewed openly gay singer Stephin. He was a tough interview along with a lot of off key notes and sluggish performance really brought down the live show. People did complain about his skipping songs after although I heard the Tuesday concert was better. I was busy sampling Monkey Shoulder rum that night at The Bedford so I was going bananas!

Fela! opened on Wednesday to a lively frenetic crowd. The story of Nigerian Fela Kuti was educational, entertaining, and exciting. The audience was dancing and chanting to the inventor of the afrobeat long after his passing from AIDS. Don’t miss this show if you have a chance. I had breakfast with the actress that played his mother and she is just lovely with a hypnotizing voice.

About Face Theatre’s annual fundraiser went to the prom this time with the Wonka Ball. Check out my photo coverage on this very website.
The same night I headed up Skokie to meet my comedic friend Paula Poundstone and see her show. She was truly funny poking at the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus in the balcony. She didn’t know how to end the show so it lasted forever but that was joke in itself where she said we were all trapped with her!

I thought I was going to be late to see kinetic Candis Cayne at Taverna. We made it though and half of the community did too. It was the show to see where Candis even stopped traffic by lip synching in the street!

Saturday it was a ChicagoPride 10th anniversary celebration at Nookies, casino time with Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards, and Joan Rivers show being taped for Showtime in St. Charles. Rivers kissed me after the show and gave me props for always promoting her projects.

Joan Rivers always brings a lot to the entertainment table. From being a comedian to television star to actress when you get to know the lady behind the makeup she is anything but plastic. She had a gay following before many comedians followed in her stand-up footsteps such as Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho. She was a talk show host before Oprah and was the first woman to break into the boy’s club nightly television circuit by hosting The Late Show.

This pioneer continues to be one of a kind on E’s Fashion Police and the second season of her reality show WE tv series Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best.

We caught up with Joan and Melissa before the new season was about to start.

Jerry Nunn: Hello, ladies.

Melissa Rivers: How cold is it in Chicago?

JN: Bitter cold!

MR: I feel very connected to Chicago because of Giuliana and Bill Rancic.

JN: I love them! I interviewed Giuliana and Kelly Osbourne both from the Fashion Police last year.
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Joan Rivers really is a Piece of Work. From her start as a comedian in the early days when the biz was tough on women to kicking open the closet door about taboo plastic surgeries, this lady never seems to feel successful enough. Moving in with her daughter across the country for a new reality television show entitled Joan & Melissa: Mother Knows Best brings antics, laughs and unbelievable moments to the comic. Having spoken with the classic funny lady the same time last year I had to ask once again “can we talk?”

Hi, Joan. I just watched your new show Mother Knows Best.

You saw the first episode?

I got to see two of them.

Oh, that’s good.
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