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Deena Cortese

The reality series Jersey Shore fist pumped its way into our hearts on MTV in 2009. There was a great deal of controversy about stereotypes at the beginning and how Italian Americans are portrayed in the household in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Since then it has gone on to become a hit show and college courses have even been dedicated to its topic.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and fellow “meatball” Deena Nicole Cortese are standouts on the show. Deena replaced cast member Angelina Pivarnick when she left after season two.

We talked to the “walking holiday” right before the Shore drew to a close in its final sixth season.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Deena. So from the beginning you were cast on the show because of Snooki?

Deena Cortese: It had more to do with the producers but Nicole did invite me down.

JN: Where did you first meet her?
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Two hometown girls returned to their roots this week first with Jennifer Hudson making two appearances on Monday. She went to Weight Watchers then  ended the day by signing her memoir I Got This at Barnes & Noble. I felt 300 pounds next to the skinny chanteuse when I took a picture with her. What an inspiration for the new year. Her PR people know how to time things and were really nice to let me photograph her last minute. Her social media folks turned the tables on me and interviewed me about meeting Jennifer afterwards. Then there was Team Griffin landing in a snowbank at the Chicago Theatre for two shows. Kathy brought the funny and the dish to tons of gays and women in the audience. Unfiltered and mouthy just the way we like her, she took on the Kardashians, Hasselbeck, and Paltrow with a little baby Blue Ivy in the mix. After chatting for over two hours she left the crowd ready for her new talk show in April on Bravo.

Then I jetted over to The Kills at the Riviera. This was rocking good show with two drummers pounding away and more hair flipping than a Poison concert! They reminded me of The Pixies with their retro sound and did not disappoint in that regard.

Saturday was “t-shirt time” with Jersey Shore the Musical. The cast captured the essence of our Jersey fist pumpers. My favorite was Nathan Stoner as Angelina. The accent, mannerisms, and wig were spot on. Erin Johnson as Sammi was a sweetheart after the show and had the cast pose with me. She is much nicer than the real Sammi let me tell you…

Bring some liquor with you when visit the show but keep the noise down as the audience got drunker they talked out loud at the performance I attended. Let Snooki be the messy one not you!
I finished out my east side experience with a Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga at Spin Nightclub. She was so sweet and nice as when I interviewed her earlier a few weeks ago. Joe was a great sport and took pics with all his gay fans until the wee hours of the morning. What a week, yeah boy!!!

Jersey Score 2

Jersey Score 2 by Jet Set Men

Starring Billy Heights as The Stimulation and Jimmy Clay as Nookie

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: Jersey Score 2 oh yeahhhh!

Groeper: Shouldn’t it have a second title like Electric Boogaloo?

P: This cast looks all new.

G: Derrick Vinyard was in both as D-Wow.

P: The first movie was such a hit they had to make a summer sequel.

G: I hope there are no grenades in this one.
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Elvis Crespo

Puerto Rican salsa singer Elvis Crespo brought his uptempo tracks to V Live, 2047 N Milwaukee Ave, in Chicago to make the crowd spin all night. He sat down for a quick interview with Nunn on the Run before the show. Suavemente

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Elvis. You’re named after Elvis Presley right?

Elvis Crespo: My father was a huge fan and so they named me after him.

JN: Where exactly were you born?

EC: I was born in New York and was raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. It’s a town near San Juan.
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Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles will write you a “Love Song” from her “Kaleidoscope Heart” with a new album and tour that brings her to the House of Blues Chicago. King Of Anything

Jerry Nunn: Hey, Sara.

Sara Bareilles: Hey, how are ya?

JN: So you are out on the road.

SB: Yes, we are in Atlanta, Georgia today and I am taking a little walk through a nearby park right now.
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Jersey Score

Randy Pubert and Dick Groeper review adult movies From the Booth! Grab your popcorn, your lube and enjoy the ride!

Jersey Score by Jet Set Men

Starring Dean Coxx as “The Stimulation” and Kevin Cavalli as “Pauly G.”

Judging a Porn By Its Cover:

Pubert: I love the idea of a Jersey Shore parody, makes me want to fist pump!

Groeper: This porn has been mentioned on TMZ and CNN.

P: Did you know that I met Snooki? She is so crazy!

G: Pauly D. is the one for me but I can settle for Pauly G. in this flick, look at that bubble butt!

“The Stimulation” introduces himself in the opening credits.

P: He has the Guido act down pat.

G: I love the fact that he is obsessed with his own body.

P: This is the first time Dean has appeared out of his own website ClubDean.com.
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