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Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys the musical is right at home in Chicago these days. Based upon the life of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, the story follows the group on their rise to fame.

The show has toured 38 cities and won Tony as well as Grammy Awards.

Without further ado let’s introduce the four Jersey Boys in this cast.

Preston Truman Boyd plays Bob Gaudio who toured with Young Frankenstein and has appeared in Broadway hits such as Singin’ in the Rain and Oklahoma!

Joseph Leo Bwarie has toured 40 cities playing Frankie Valli and even performing on the Tony Awards.

John Gardiner who plays Tommy DeVito has also starred in the Lion King and All My Children on TV.

Michael Lomenda returns to Jersey Boys as Nick Massi after playing the role in Toronto. His favorite past shows have been Hairspray and Miss Saigon.

Nunn on the Run went to the Bank of America Theatre to fist pump with the four of them.

Jerry Nunn: Hey, guys. Is any one here actually from Jersey?

All: No.
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This week had me jumping back in time to discuss the past of music with the Jersey Boys. The new team is on touring and begins their run next week. If you haven’t seen the Frankie Valli inspired show then don’t miss it. There are some gay members in the cast, see if you can spot them at the show.
They also plan on staging a benefit with Broadway Cares so stay tuned for that one.

The Ting Tings returned to play a concert at the Metro this week. I interviewed the opener MNDR and she put on a lively performance to a smaller crowd. Then the venue flooded with Ting Tings fans including lots of gays that danced around flamboyantly.

The group is not to be missed live. This was my third time, second time at the Metro and as an opener to Pink. “Say My Name!”

I spoke to Shannen Doherty about her new reality show and gay fans. She wasn’t the difficult person I pictured and I kept her laughing.

At night I went to the 80’s icon Thomas Dolby’s show. Radio personality Mancow had his posse there acting like idiots and yelling out “Science” disturbing the performer. Why do people think yelling out songs will make a singer change the setlist for them? I will never understand that!

My friend and I were getting into the time capsule in front of Park West when Thomas came out. I had interviewed him last year and found out about his rainbow household. So I ditched the capsule to say hi then returned to record a video that will be saved for a hundred years after it is buried. I of course plugged my website so hopefully it will still be up and running at that time!

Friday evening I spent at Best Buy seeing electronic artist Ellie Goulding perform to a packed store. The big news is she is dating Skrillex so let the ravers get out their glow sticks and celebrate!

After I headed to Sidetrack to meet Telly Savalas’ jazz singing daughter Ariana. She was so adorable and lots of fun to be around. To be in touch with the past is the way of the future!

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