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Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis flips houses on a regular basis and the economy can’t even stand in his way. For six seasons he has helmed the show that surrounds a break down. He brought along his friend Jenni Pulos as a loyal sidekick to bounce his humor and anger off of. His partner Gage, housekeeper Zoila, and new assistant Andrew round out the cast to a show that many fans just can’t get enough of even creating a spin off called Interior Therapy.

Watch what happens as walls come down and fights get hammered out this next season on Bravo. Nunn on the Run talked to the design duo Jeff and Jenni right before the show kicked off.

Jerry Nunn: Hello to you both. I heard you visited Chicago recently.

Jeff Lewis: Well Jenni’s been there many times. She would fly across the country. That’s really far away to travel for a booty call. Jenni did that for probably a good year, right, Jenny? Was it a good year?

Jenni Pulos: Oh, yes, I just wanted to hear how many times you were going to say long distance booty call, but, yes…

JL: I only said it once.

JP: We’ve been doing the long distance thing for two years. I love Chicago.
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Jeff Lewis 3

Jeff Lewis finished his series on Bravo entitled Interior Therapy with old friends Jenni and Zoila to help out. His show Flipping Out has had huge ratings over the years for the Bravo Channel with five seasons.

Developing houses in LA for over 20 years our openly gay house flipper takes on this endeavor with gusto as he travels to various homes. Did you watch what happened on Interior Therapy? I talked to him before the series debuted.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Jeff. Are there any homo homeowners on Interior Therapy?

Jeff Lewis: Yes, we have one gay couple. By the way it’s one of my favorite episodes because they are just lovely, fun, great people.

JN: Are you still making more seasons of Flipping Out?
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Jeff Lewis 2

House developer Jeff Lewis has now completed five seasons on his hit Bravo television show Flipping Out. The finale airs this week and Nunn on the Run spoke to him about the series.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Jeff. We haven’t talked in a while. When are you coming to visit Chicago?

Jeff Lewis: You know what? That’s kind of up in the air right now because I’ve been talking with a company about doing a restaurant there. A big rooftop, bar, restaurant. And I’m trying to work that out with my schedule. But I could potentially be spending a lot of time in Chicago.

JN: It looked like there were some office problems on this season.

JL: So I don’t understand why we can’t keep an employee. I mean I don’t get it. And it’s not just me because I know that’s what you’re thinking. These kids that are getting out of college and they want to be VP in three weeks and they don’t get what it takes to be successful. I think one of the reasons why Jenni  and I have been together so long is that we know nothing comes easy. We work really, really hard and we don’t expect to have something the next day. It takes years and years and years to achieve what we’re trying to achieve.
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Jeff Lewis

Flipping Out is on its fourth season on the Bravo Channel. Jeff Lewis is the obsessive-compulsive house-flipper who runs the show.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Jeff. Last season there was a lot of economic problems and you had to deal with that a lot. Is that on the new season or are things better now in your opinion with real estate?

Jeff Lewis: Things are a little better for my business. I think the main thing is that last year we were concerned about drumming up business and I was certainly concerned about money. That was the underlying stress of last season.

JN: And this time out?
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