Spicy Italian Giuliana Rancic continues to dish up celebrity news on E! every week. She grades the red carpet on the Fashion Police with cohorts Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne. Her reality show is now completing its fourth season where she celebrates her love with husband Bill aptly titled Giuliana & Bill. Giuliana chatted with Nunn using a whole new lingo she created herself.

Jerry Nunn: Ciao, Giuliana. I met you and Bill at the Cable Show event downtown over the summer.

Giuliana Rancic: Yes, I remember. It was fun.

JN: My first question is do people butcher your name?

GR: They used to but not as badly anymore. You know what is funny? I used to hate my name so much. I was embarrassed because it was hard to spell and pronounce. Every year the government puts out a list of the most popular baby names. My name would never break the top 1,000. I thought another year of people butchering my name. About two months ago an article came out with baby names for 2011 that are up-and-comers. My name was at 300! It just showed as much as I hated it and wanted to change it, you have to stick with it. Stick with that your momma gave you!
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