The Congress Theatre contained two completely different concerts this week. Empire of the Sun (no not the movie) is an upcoming band that creates sound and spectacle with outlandish headdresses and guitar riffs. Speaking of guitars, the lead singer hit me with his instrument when he walked past me onstage. My camera went flying. I don’t know if he was too close or I was.

During the week Home Run Pizza sponsored a movie screening with  the father and son team Sheen (no, not Charlie) Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez who answered a Q&A following their new flick The Way. While the film was a little slow, it tells the story of a father walking a trail throughout Spain. The story really makes a person want to travel and take a similar journey to soul search.

While I was out in the lobby none other than Kathy Griffin’s mother Maggie Griffin walked by. I stopped and chatted with her and Kathy’s brother. I told them about interviewing Kathy in the past and was looking forward to seeing the show in January. Her brother said, “I hope we can get a freebie ticket!” I told momma Griffin how much I liked reading her book “Tip It” and said goodbye.

Returning to the Congress Theatre on Friday to see Erasure to a packed audience, I spotted Just Sean Hayes (Jack from Will&Gace) in the balcony. I took pictures of his friends but he ducked away from the photo. I think it was the baseball cap and trying to be incognito but no one is going to beg for a pic, famous boy. I already took one when I met him in New York at Promises, Promises below. Sorry Jack you can run but you can’t hide…

Andy Bell did his own celebrity sighting from the stage when he saw club kid JoJo in the middle of the crowded room thanks to his outlandish costume. Andy described a ghost in the theatre.
The show was a blast. I saw so many friends there, we drank, danced and sang until I was hoarse. I met the opener Frankmusik out in the lobby and he was really nice.
After the show I headed to Spin Nightclub to hang with Andy and listen to his DJ set. His backup singers were too much fun with their British accents and spunky attitude. I finally left at 2:00 am. The next day I attended the Green Tie Ball with over 50 restaurants. I had a blast chatting with a past Celebrity Apprentice and sipping margaritas. I returned to Spin to say hi to Kid Sister. She wanted me to drink with her but I was exhausted.