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Delta Rae

Rock band Delta Rae are a friends and family act with Ian, Eric, and Britney Hölljes forming the centerpiece and Elizabeth Hopkins, Mike McKee, and Grant Emerson adding to the sound. Their music can be described as Fleetwood Mac meets Blues Traveler. Hailing from North Carolina this sextet is constantly touring and bringing their music once again to Chicago this week.

We talked about their homage to gay love by phone when they were out on the road.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Ian. Where in the world are you?

Ian Hölljes: We are driving out of Utah heading toward San Diego. It has been a real geographical conundrum what that route looks like. I can’t really picture it in my brain so we are leaving it up to GPS.

JN: You are always touring aren’t you?
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Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks twirled her way to fame with Fleetwood Mac and their album Rumours in 1977. It is the tenth highest selling album of all time. She then tackled a solo career with Bella Donna. After all of these years she just released a seventh solo record entitled In Your Dreams, produced by Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics. She makes a stop in Chicago once again on her current tour. Secret Love

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Stevie. I just saw you recently with Rod Stewart and now you are touring solo. Do you get tired of constantly touring?

Stevie Nicks: I am starting to ask myself the same question. You know what I do? I get up in the morning and I go, “Oh my God, do I have to pull those black tights up one more day?” As tired as I get sometimes I wonder how long would I be happy lying around the house watching television? You have to follow a schedule. It’s like in the shower at 1, blow dry at 2, vocal lesson at 2:45, flat iron hair at 3. It’s pretty easy because you just kind of go through and people tell you exactly kind of what to do. Then you go and you do your show. You get all that great feedback. I kind of hang out all day long and then you get to walk onstage and have everybody love your music. Then you get to fly to the next city. I mean it doesn’t really get much better than that.

I really try to look at it as I really appreciate the fact that I get to travel the world. I’m leaving for London tomorrow. I don’t know anybody else who is leaving for London tomorrow. I lead a very, very romantic life, as a writer, a singer, and a songwriter. The traveling part of it is really pretty great. We as artists get more rest when we are out on the road than we do when we are home, because when you out on the road you are on a schedule.
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