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Like a fine wine, Cloris Leachman seems to get better with age. She has won eight Primetime Emmy awards and one of her first movies The Last Picture Show snagged her an Academy Award in 1971. She followed that with several successful Mel Brooks’ movies and no one can forget her longest running role in the Mary Tyler Moore show. She hopes to continue her success currently with Fox’s Raising Hope. She spoke about the show along with how she took the bad with the Facts of Life recently.

Jerry  Nunn: Hello, Cloris.

Cloris Leachman: Hi. Why are you calling me?

JN: (laughs) I wanted to talk to you about your show Raising Hope.

CL: Oh, all right.

JN: I spoke recently with Martha Plimpton and told her I was going to track you down.

CL: What did she say?
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Geri Jewell

Comedian and actress Geri Jewell will forever be in our hearts as the first person with a disability to have a regular role on a prime time series with Facts of Life. The cerebral palsy stricken writer has a new memoir I’m Walking as Straight as I Can where she describes barely surviving birth, a bad manager, rising back to fame on the HBO series Deadwood and coming out as a lesbian. Jerry spoke to Geri right before the debut of the new book.

Hi, Geri. I have been reading your new book.

How far are you into it?

I am currently towards the very end.

Wow, you read fast.

Are you excited for the book to come out?
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