Deluka is a British band that still sounds modern but conjures up the ‘80s at the same time. Their video for “Cascade” has them exploring the streets of New York City and was featured in the world of fashion. The group consists of Ellie, Kris, Robbie and Stevie. We spoke to the group backstage at Lollapalooza.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, gang! You have the most fans out of every group here…

Kris: Yes, the paper fans with Deluka on them are keeping people cool here at Lollapaplooza.

Ellie: It was my idea. I saw Amanda Lepore put her face on paper fans and it made her a hit with the crowd so we did it too for this.

JN: It worked. Are there any gay members in the group?

Robbie: No, we a have a big gay following, which is brilliant.

JN: What is your background?
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