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Scott Thompson

Canadian comedian Scott Thompson brings his bacon to Chicago this month. He teams up with another Kids in the Hall star Kevin McDonald for a stand-up act at the Mayne Stage this week. Our out and proud jokester chats about bullying and who has the last laugh.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Scott. Where in the world are you calling from?

Scott Thompson: I’m in Sacramento.

JN: Is this a stand-up tour you are on?

ST: It is a total stand-up tour with Kevin and I. We each do a couple of sets solo then we come together to do stuff together. It is definitely brand new. It is not characters or sketches. It is me and Kevin rocking the mic.

JN: Do you cover current topics?
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Calvin Tran

Calvin Tran the controversial new designer on Bravo’s The Fashion Show owns three stores in Chicago, New York and LA. He sat down for a quick minute to catch up with old friend Jerry Nunn.

Jerry Nunn: Hey, Calvin. How have you been?

Calvin Tran: I’m doing good, long time…

JN: I know! When was the last time that I saw you?

CT: I think like fifteen years ago.

JN: Wow, time flies.
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Kayla Ferrel

America’s Next Top Model returns again for cycle 15. Tyra and the gang recruited a local contestant, Kayla Ferrel, and Nunn on the Run interviewed the pretty 19-year-old herself before the season debut.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Kayla. How was the audition experience for Top Model?

Kayla Ferrel: The auditions were long and tiring to be honest. When I went there were a lot of girls. By the end I was so tired that I ended up laying on the floor and waiting until I heard my name being called. There were so many people.

JN: Was this an open audition?
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A.J. Thouvenot

The eighth season of Project Runway is underway with more designers, more time and more “making it work!” A.J. Thouvenot is one of the new contestants and recently spoke to Nunn on the Run.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, AJ.

A.J. Thouvenot: Hey, how are you doing?

JN: Very good. So, you’re from St. Louis, right?

AT: I’m really from St. Charles and I live in St. Louis now.

JN: Do you think you’ll stay there or do you think you’ll move to the “big city” or something?
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Heather Headley

Heather Headley known for portrayal of Nala in the musical The Lion King. She later earned a Tony Award for Aida and a Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B Gospel. I Wish I Wasn’t

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Heather. It was great seeing you perform this evening for the Goodman Theatre benefit.

Heather Headley: I was glad to do it. It is so important to raise money and help the arts out.

JN: I listened to a remix of your song “I Wish I Wasn’t” on a Pride sampler somewhere.
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Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is an Australia Victoria’s Secret model who truly deserves her wings.

Jerry Nunn: So did you always want to be a super model?

Miranda Kerr: No, a friend of mine entered me into a competition when I was 14. I wasn’t even that interested in it. And then, after I finished school, and after I finished my primary education, I went and studied nutrition and psychology. There were still a lot of opportunities for me to travel and move to New York. But I didn’t actually do it until 5 years ago, and ever since, I haven’t looked back.

JN: And you’re all into yoga, right?
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