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Linda Perry

Linda Perry went from 4 Non Blondes to a solo act meanwhile writing and producing hit songs for everyone from Pink to Christina Aguilera. Her new project Deep Dark Robot hits Chicago this week and she discusses how it feels to be a front woman again with Nunn on the Run! Won’t You Be My Girl

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Linda. You are currently out on the road. Where in the world are you?

Linda Perry: I am pulling into Philly right now.

You just did the SXSW festival didn’t you?

LP: Yes we did. We have been on the road for a week and a half.

How are things going on the road?
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JD Samson

JD Samson from the group Le Tigre is visiting Chicago with a remix project entitled MEN and their album Talk About Body. JD has done everything from producing the Christina Aguilera song “My Girls” to appearing in the film Short Bus. JN spoke to JD shortly before her arrival for the show.Off Our Backs

Jerry Nunn: Hi, JD. Where you calling from?

JD Samson: I am at Whole Foods right now.

JN: Are you buying some health food?

JS: I am in line getting a neti pot because I need to wash out my nose.

JN: You better work on that if you are going to perform.
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Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir skated his way into being a U.S. National Champion three times as well as a bronze medalist. He recently took his flamboyant costumes out of the closet with a new memoir entitled Welcome to My World. Dirty Love

Hello, Johnny. I just read your book and you dedicated it to your parents. Have they always been supportive of you?

Absolutely. They have always been my biggest cheerleaders. When I was young my mom taught me about style, being eclectic, being free and expressing your feelings. My dad taught me discipline, how to be strong and do everything right the first time you do it. In that way my parents were already teaching me to be an Olympic figure skater.

It was interesting to read the whole journey towards your goals, horseback riding, and all the behind the scenes to get you there.
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Latin Explosion

There has been a spark in red hot spicy performers around town recently. It all started with the Colombian singer Shakira shaking her hips all night at the Allstate Arena in October. She began the concert with “Pienso En Ti” and truly kept the crowd in mind, telling people that it was their night to enjoy. She jumped back in forth from English to Spanish throughout the set. There were plenty of homages to other artists, such as a cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” and her hit “Whenever Wherever” ended with a bit of “Unbelievable” by EMF. She brought a group of girls onstage to belly dance sorry, gays were not allowed although they tried. She sang songs from her new Spanish album, Sale el Sol, such as “Gordita” and she showed how crazy she can be with current number-one single, “Loca.” She ended after an encore of “Waka Waka ( This Time from Africa ) ,” the FIFA World Cup 2010 official anthem. The same night I took out one of the members of my favorite Venezuelan funk disco group Los Amigos Invisibles out on the town. We hit four gay bars before ending up at Berlin to dance the night away.

Then Ricky Martin flew the red eye in to Chicago Nov. 12 from his previous night’s appearance at the Latin Grammys to sign copies of his new book, Me ( or “Yo” for the spanish version ) , at the Borders bookstore in Lincoln Park.

It was a long day for everyone as 650 people purchased the memoir, some arriving as early as 3 a.m. that morning. The line stretched around the bookshelves with folks young and old. One gay Latino fan cried as he related how much Martin’s emergence from the closet meant to him personally. The book describes this spiritual journey and the process of coming out for the Puerto Rican sensation. Speaking of Puerto Rican’s  singers, Chayanne brought his tour to Chicago this past week. Appearing in a puff of smoke, Chayanne sang songs off his new album, No Hay Imposibles, at the show as well as classics such as “Provocame” “Fiesta en America” and “Tiempo de Vals.” He closed the show with fireworks and his hit “Torero.”

Finally, I was able to interview Ecuadorian Christina Aguilera for her new movie Burlesque.

All of that along with a trip to Guatemala this year and a Mexican cooked Thanksgiving dinner proves that my love for Latinos is not going away anytime soon. The melting pot that makes Chicago what it is continues to make my life loca!!!


Sia Furler, or simply Sia, is an Australia pop singer best known for her song “Breathe Me” from the ending sequence of the HBO series Six Feet Under. With a Chicago stop on her tour and a new album, We Are Born, Sia sings and dances to the beat of her own drum. You’ve Changed

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Sia. Where are you calling from right now?

Sia Furler: New York. You don’t want to be in New York today because it is rainy as fuck. I just went out for a walk and I am saturated. I even had my rain boots on, just like any good 5-year-old. It was still putrid and I am completely damp.

JN: Well, if you were in Chicago you would get all the snow.

SF: I love the snow. That’s a whole other kettle of fish. There is nothing like putting on a garbage bag and throwing yourself down a hill when it’s snowing!

JN: That’s true. You are originally from warm Australia.
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