The legendary Boy George made androgyny a household word in the eighties as the lead singer for the group Culture Club. Born from the club scene, George led the band into having hit after hit before embarking on a solo career. His new album Ordinary Alien was just released and a tour is in the works. In the following exclusive interview the chameleon seems happy, while he reflects over past endeavors and is no longer playing “The Crying Game.” Turn 2 Dust

Hello, George. Where in the world are you calling from today?

I am in my kitchen.

Are you cooking?

Yes, something to have later. I won’t do it while we are talking although I have some broccoli steaming. I am a bit of a raw foodie. Everything is uncooked. When you tell people you eat raw foods then they think you eat carrots and it is really complex

You were able to travel and tour again last year.
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