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Blow Off

Blowoff is a DJ event that has gone to the bears. Hosting the turntables are Bob Mould and Richard Morel with a variety of tunes to spin for the masses. Blowoff also stands for this dynamic duo that have recorded together for years.

Bob has been a college music icon for decades in the 80s with Husker Du and the 90s with Sugar. A solo artist in his own right this singer, guitarist and songwriter continues to rock it out.

Talk about songwriters, Richard Morel has been remixing and producing for artists such as Mariah Carey to Tina Turner throughout the ages.

Talking to this twosome for the third time was truly a treat. Check out this Nunn on two interview…

Jerry Nunn: Hey, guys! I have interviewed you before.

Richard Morel: It’s like déjà vu all over again.

Bob Mould: How are things?

JN: Crazy as ever. For people that haven’t been to a Blowoff event can you explain it?

RM: We started doing it eight years ago in the basement of the 9:30 Club in Washington DC.

BM: This was back when we were living in DC. We didn’t know what we were doing, it was just a monthly music event.

RM: It started off as a group of guys getting together where me and Bob would trade off DJing, playing all sorts of music from indie rock to house music.

BM: I think we focused on house music but there is indie rock, low fi but mostly different types of house music. It is a dance night first and foremost.

RM: Nick Lopada does live video mixing. As far as club events go it is very friendly and inviting. It is easy to go there, hang out and have a good time. Me and Bob trade off music sets so if you don’t like something then the other one will be taking over soon enough (laughs)! It works for everybody that way.

BM: That is one thing we always trumpet when we talk about the event is that since write and produce we have a really firm concept of what makes good music for us.

JN: Your music is rocking, Bob!

RM: We both play songs you will recognize hopefully but different people will recognize different songs. It does vary. I do a lot of remix work so I am always playing new remixes that I am working on, stuff my label is releasing so it is wrapped up in that as well.

JN: The following has grown. The crowd was bigger the later that is gets.

RM: It starts a little later in Chicago and it goes a little later. That is kind of the nature of club events.  We are all getting older so it gets harder!

BM: We picked up a following from the bear community, guys in their 30s or 40s make up the core of our audience, although lately we see a lot of younger guys coming to the event.

JN: It is a good weekend to be here.

BM: (laughs) Yes, it is! I will be getting into town that afternoon. I will be playing Sasquatch! Music Festival on Friday night.

JN: Did you ever think you would be in the music business all this time?

BM: It has been over 30 years and yeah I actually did. I was a real student of the business. I was lucky to have some good teachers in the beginning. I learned the good lessons about the business. It is crazy but that is what I got to work with…

JN: You have a memoir coming out about all of this too.

BM: Yes, my autobiography and it is called “See a Little Light.” It comes out on June 15. It is written in conjunction with Michael Azerrad. He is a pretty well known music author. He wrote book called “Our Band Could Be Your Life” that was a definitive book on definitive underground rock in the 80s. He also wrote a Nirvana book called “Come As You Are” so he really kept me on track. We worked on it for about two and half years.

JN: Richard, you did Amanda Lear’s EP I’m Coming Up last year I heard.

RM: My label put it out. I did a ton of remix and production work last year as well. I scored my twentieth Billboard club play number one with a Yoko Ono record that I did.

JN: I talked to her about her album last year.

RM: I am working on my sixth single with her. It was her fifth number one and my twentieth for her record called “Move On.” It went to number one two months ago.

JN: Congrats.

RM: That was exciting.

JN: What are you doing next, Rich?

RM: My label Outsider is releasing the new Vanessa Daou single, which is called “Heart of Wax.” That comes out in four weeks.

JN: Bob, you are on the new Foo Fighters album Wasting Light, correct?

BM: Yeah, that was real nice. Dave Grohl and I have been hovering around each other for decades. It was this time last year that we actually sat down and talked for the first time. I went down and recorded a track with him in his garage studio in LA. We had a great time.

JN: It is a very good album.

BM: It is a really good album. I was a huge fan of There is Nothing Left to Lose so this one feels like a return to that late 90s thing that they had going.

JN: Do you still do anything the past groups that you have worked with?

BM: Husker Du was the first and when I walked away from it in January 88’ I haven’t really looked back, except what I put together for the book. Sugar in the 90s was a great experience. I never closed the door on that project but it was put to rest in 1995. I have worked with David Barbe the bassist player since and we are still good friends. You never know what can happen with that. Every time I put out a new solo record I put together a band and tour. The last record was two years ago and I played at the Metro. Blowoff is a return to the venue for me. We always have a great time at Metro. Between Memorial Day, IML and Bear Weekend there is no excuse to not have fun!

Bob Mould

Singer Bob Mould, from the group Husker Du and Sugar, discusses his new CD, Life and Times, with Nunn on the Run. Life And Times

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Bob. How have you been? I haven’t talked to you since the Blowoff event.

Bob Mould: Things have been good. The last Blowoff was during Halsted Street Fair. I have been busy trying to get my autobiography finished. That has been the major project for the better part of last year. I have spent a lot of time in New York working on that. I am in San Francisco this weekend for a Blowoff event out here. I go back to Washington, D.C., for a few days, then start off the band tour.

JN: Explain how your solo tour is different than when you tour with Richard Morel and Blowoff.
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