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Viktor Luna

The reality television show Project Runway has been working it for years and now starts its ninth season. Viktor Luna is the new designer in town hopefully proving that he has what it takes to be the next big thing. He tells us how he got from Sesame Street to Cornelia Street and now to Project Runway.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Viktor. You are from New York?

Viktor Luna: Yes, I reside in New York.

JN: There were many designers from New York this time. Did you know any of the other contestants before the show?

VL: No absolutely not.

JN: How did you become a part of this season?

VL: I was saving myself for a long time because I was a fan of the show. I wanted to be on it before but I wasn’t ready. I got to a point that I was good at sewing and designing so I gave it a try very last minute.

JN: Did you send in a tape?
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Ivri Lider

Ivri Lider is one of the biggest selling music artists in Israel. Being an out musician in our country has paid off with his video playing on Logo television and Out Magazine putting them in his Out 100.

We talked to Ivri when he was visiting Chicago singing at the House of Blues.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Ivri. You played Milwaukee Pridefest this year. It was a lot of fun there wasn’t it?

Ivri Lider: Yeah, it was fun but it was really cold.

JN: Is this the first time you have been to Chicago?

IL: No, I was here about five years ago. I had a show at a university. It was just for one day so I don’t know much about the city. We just arrived here this morning.

JN: After the show you should go out. Do you know about the bar right by here called Downtown?
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Oh Land

Oh Land may not be a household name yet but she is ready is ready to take the country by storm. The young singer from Denmark was recently signed to Epic and has created a fun pop dance record that is generating a lot of buzz with its creativity. White Nights

The Great Dane discusses Black Swan, Bjork and balloons before arriving in the big city.

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Oh. Where did the name Oh Land come from?

Oh Land: 0land is my middle name. It is spelled in Danish with a slash through it and that means Oh in English. Then the Land is for the land of wonders.

JN: Oooh I get it now. You first full-length album comes out the 15th of March. It must be a thrill to have a label behind you now.
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Rufus Wainwright

The prolific singer songwriter Rufus Wainwright is tickling the ivories in Chicago this week to the tune of his sixth album, All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu. He spoke frankly and thoughtfully to Nunn on the Run about his recent endeavors. The Dream

Jerry Nunn: Hi Rufus. How are you?

Rufus Wainwright: Hi.

JN:  So, let’s talk about the new album.  It was made for Robert Wilson with the Berliner Ensemble?

RW: I mean the sonnets were, yes. Not the whole album.

JN: Ok, so you go to do your own thing and do the sonnets too?
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Lights shined in Chicago last year for a concert at the Wicker Park club Subterranean. This Canadian synth-pop princess sat down for a face-to-face interview Nunn on One before her upcoming show with Owl City. The Listening

Windy City Times: Hi, Lights. First off, where did that name come from?

Lights: It is from my last name, which is Poxleitner.

JN: I read your parents are missionaries. Are they strict?

L: They were for a couple of years. My dad is actually an architect. My parents are amazing. They are the greatest parents in the world. They are the reason that I do music.

JN: You wrote a song from the Bible at 11?
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