Cyndi Lauper will never stop having fun with a new album, Memphis Blues, out this month. With more than 25 million albums sold and 13 Grammy Award nominations, this singer, actress and LGBT-rights activist continues to show her “True Colors.” Don’t Cry No More

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Cyndi. I just went to New York and my friends saw you at an LGBT event.

Cyndi Lauper: Yes, the GLSEN [ Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network ] Awards, a very important organization. It is very similar with what we do at Give a Damn. It brings straight alliances into understanding and educating people about hatred in the community.

JN: What can the average person do for your Give a Damn campaign?

CL: Share a story. When we start to talk together that’s when we will understand each other better. Dialogue is always good. Everyone should tell their own story. Some of these real stories from real people are very moving and compelling.

JN: People can go to the website to get more information?
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