English singer Kate Nash is coming to town with Lilith Fair and wants everyone to know her “Best Friend is You!” She talked with Nunn on the Run about her leg, her song about gays and Lilith. Kiss That Grrrl

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Kate. I heard you hurt your leg again.

Kate Nash: I sprained my ankle in Canada on my North American tour actually. I fell.

JN: Your career was originally started when you wrote songs after breaking your leg.

KN: Yes.

JN: I feel bad for you. Are you doing jumping jacks or something?

KN: [ Laughs ] I don’t know. Maybe I am just pretty clumsy.

JN: Well, I love the new album, My Best Friend Is You, and the new single, “Kiss the Grrrl,” has a great video. You look fabulous in it.

KN: Thank you.

JN: Did you write that song about someone specific?
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