An Horse is a two person band from Australia who are quickly galloping into the hearts of a legion of fans. Kate Cooper is their openly lesbian guitarist/vocalist along with straight Damon Cox drummer/vocalist bring their worlds together to make music. Their sophomore album Walls was released recently and they sat backstage during Lollapalooza with Nunn on the Run to talk about it. Camp Out

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Kate and Damon. I read you are both from Australia and met at a record store.

Kate Cooper: We worked at a record store in Brisbane, yeah.

JN: It was an independent record store?

KC: Yes, it was a great record store. We actually wound up practicing in the record store after hours. There was a little PA set up for in-stores so we just used that. It is still my favorite practice room ever.

Damn Cox: It was awesome.

JN: Were the acoustics good?
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