RuPaul’s Drag Race competition for the Logo Channel just crossed the finish line and the best woman may have won. Sutan Amrull, or better known as Raja Gemini, kept her eye on the prize since the first episode.

This Los Angeles native is no stranger to reality television having appeared on America’s Next Top Model as the show’s principal make-up artist. Having served as Adam Lambert’s face painter for his tour has proved that Raja knows glam and glitter on the road.

After winning a close race, Raj was crowned the winner and rose early the day after to chat about his experience on the show.

Jerry Nunn: Hello, Raja. How do you feel now that the experience is over?

Raja Gemini: I don’t think it has really hit me. I have been keeping the secret since August. It feels great. I have been keeping the secret for a long time, even from my parents. I didn’t even talk to my mom about it. She seems to have known though. She said, “A mother always knows…”

JN: Was it hard to not tell people?
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