Israeli singer and actress Meital Dohan broke out into the scene with a recurring role on the Showtime series Weeds. She earned her place by being heavily involved in theatre in central Israel and was nominated Most Promising Actress by the Cameri Theater.

She starred in a Sony Pictures web comedy Woke Up Dead and now follows it with a thriller entitled Monogamy.

Her debut album I’m In Hate With Love will soon be released with “Yummy” as a lead off single.

Check out why this multi-talented knock out plans on dancing all summer long!

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Meital. Love the new video.

Meital Dohan: Thank you!

JN: How was it working with Rami Afuni the producer for LMFAO?

MD: He is one of the producers. They produce themselves as well. Rami is a really talented guy. It was a pleasure. He is very professional.

JN: How does it work to get something remixed? Do you send it off to them?

MD: There are all different ways sometimes. You approach DJs that you like or sometimes they want to do a remix for you. Sometimes there is a party that they want to do a remix for and they connect with you.

JN: Did you always want to sing? I know you did a lot of theatre in Israel.

MD: I did a song with well known Israeli singer Ivri Lider on a show then I would sing on a soundtrack for a movie I did but never I never thought I would pursue it professionally. It takes the majority of my time for a while.

JN: Is this your year to work on music?

MD: Sure, since I started it has been crazy. I don’t even have time to go to the bathroom! I was in my home country eight days because it has been so busy with the music.

JN: That is a good thing.

MD: Yeah, it is happening fast so it is exciting.

JN: You know I interviewed Ivri when he was in Chicago.

MD: Oh nice!

JN: He was playing at the House of Blues in Chicago. I met him at his hotel and he is a really great guy.

MD: He is.

JN: Do you have any plans to come to Chicago?

MD: I might tour as I am running naked in the street and punching people then come to Chicago. It depends on what type of morning I have. Catch me on a bad morning and I might run all the way to Chicago (laughs)!

JN: Well, I hope you get here any way you can. I heard you are performing at the Dinah Shore Club Skirts Weekend.

MD: Yes.

JN: That is going to be crazy.

MD: Yes, it will. I have high hopes to become a lesbian at that event. It might be my turning point.

JN: It could be. You are straight right?

MD: Unfortunately yes. I don’t know if you can say straight these days because men are so much like women now. I might be more gay than the lesbians actually.

JN: You wore a strap on dildo for Showtime’s Weeds.

MD: I know, I am getting there I’m telling you! Or you can just say that I am a man.

JN: You can be aggressive. I don’t know how women are in Israel. Are they aggressive?

MD: Yes, men and women are aggressive. It is one of the upsides and downsides for Israelis. Overall being honest and too intense is interpreted as aggression.

JN: Interesting. Is the theatre world different or the same in Israel?

MD: In Israel I was doing televsion, theatre, and film. It is important to understand that it is more like European actors. There is not much separation between television or film actors. It is a smaller country and the industry is smaller. When you work it is in all mediums.

JN: That is good though.

MD: Yeah, I was a part of interesting and popular projects. It has all been a pleasure.

JN: In America they may want to pigeonhole you in a certain way.

MD: I think it is mainly because the industry is so big and the dynamic is different.

JN: Ivri told me he learned in English in school. Is that how you learned it?

MD: Yes.

JN: You have a whole album out this summer.

MD: I know and it is exciting. I’m In Hate With Love. I don’t know I thought up a title like that.

JN: The theme is about monogamous relationships correct?

MD: It is all about individuality and the tension that we have around the world. Love in the modern world. Most people don’t even know how they feel about love. There are some happy couples but from a simple view of statistics and how people spend their time together makes it a very different world than what it used to be.

JN: Speaking of monogamy, you had a movie of the same name come out last year with that title.

MD: I know!

JN: You had no speaking lines in it but the lead. It must be a visual film.

MD: I like action. I am not a talking person. I cut right to the chase.

JN: Gotcha! (both laugh)

MD: I mean there were not a lot of lines but in this case it was part of the magic and the mystery of the character. It was my challenge as an actor to still make all of the dialogue in the world but inside.

JN: Have you seen the movie The Artist yet?

MD: Yes, it is phenomenal. I loved it!

JN: Did you watch the Oscars?

MD: I don’t have a television here in California yet. I have never had a TV as an adult because I am always very busy. I am a fan of controlling what you want to see. I like to watch DVDs though.

JN: Tell me about this book that you wrote.

MD: It’s called Love & Other Bad Habits. It is love stories and text with pictures of women.

JN: You better bring that book to The Dinah Shore they are going to be ready to buy that one! Do you have more acting coming up?

MD: I’m working on a TV series and a few movies. Before that I will have my next single after “Yummy” but now I have a few live shows.

JN: Well bring that act to a club in Chicago.

MD: I would love to.

JN: This could be a hot summer for you.

MD: I am hoping it will be!

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