Dev contains three letters but she is already a big star! Pop singer Devin Star Talles is taking over the charts first with “In the Dark” and now teaming up with Enrique Iglesias for “Naked.” Her voice is also a part of the track “Like a G6” for Far East Movement.

Discovered by the production team The Cataracs on Myspace. Working with them launched her into the music world then finally releasing her first solo album entitled The Night the Sun Came Up.

We caught up with her during a recent appearance in our home state to check out her “Booty Bounce!”

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Dev. Where did you beautiful name from?

Dev: Oh, that’s cute. My mom named me after a model. Her name was Devin.

JN: And your middle name is Star.

Dev: My parents went to too many Grateful Dead concerts I think. My middle name is Star, my sister’s is Sol and other one is Luna so Star, Sun Moon.

JN: That is adorable. You are from California?

Dev: Yes, Northern California.

JN: The Cataracs discovered you?

Dev: Yes, on Myspace. I had these really weird songs that I made on my MacBook. They were doing their own thing but they had a song on the radio. It was cool because they were regular kids like me but they were making songs for the radio.

We decided to work together and it went from there I guess.

JN: You give them lots of shout outs in your songs.

Dev: Yes, of course. I always do it. They are like my brothers.

JN: You are paying homage to them.

Dev: Exactly.

JN: What was it like when “Like a G6” first came on the radio?

Dev: When “G6” blew up it was awesome. My parents called me and said, “You finally have one of those songs that is annoying on the radio, so you have made it!” It was awesome. It was also like a whirlwind because I was just a kid. I didn’t have any money and was living with my bros in a frat house. Then all of a sudden I was on the George Lopez show and Jay Leno. It was crazy but a lot of fun.

JN: “In the Dark” was on Dancing With the Stars.

Dev: It was awesome.

JN: How did “Dev is hot” get started?

Dev: It was a joke that me and one of my managers said a long time ago then turned into some of the things I still use it on things today. It is ignorant but fun. We are trying to show girls that they are hot!

JN: You use it on Twitter too.

Dev: @Devishot.

JN: You are a big Twitter person. I have seen your posts.

Dev: I do. I like Twitter. It’s awesome.

JN: I read your album The Night the Sun Came Up was made in Costa Rica. I love that place. What area?

Dev: Santa Theresa. We spent three weeks in a beautiful beach house. We made the album in a little cardboard box in one of the other rooms. We set up camp. I think it added a really cool flare to the album. I am really happy that I got to experience all of that.

JN: It is a very hot place to do an album.

Dev: It is very warm but it definitely worked out. I had a nice tan.

JN: I loved the “Dancing Shoes” video.

Dev: Thank you.

JN: Is that a story about bullies?

Dev: It is. Actually The Cataracs, and I were joking around one day and made this storyline. It then turned into a real thing.

It definitely goes hand in hand with anti-bullying, which is so big right now. I feel very proud to have done that video.

JN: Were you picked on in school?

Dev: I wasn’t bullied too much but I definitely stood up for the kids that were bullied and my sisters do as well. I am very much against that. I think it is sad that kids are out there doing things like that. It’s terrible.

JN: It has been going on for so long but now there is more attention to it.

Dev: A hundred percent. I almost feel like it is getting worse especially with the Internet and kids have all of these outlets right at their fingertips. They feel like they can be negative towards other people. I do appreciate that people like Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato stand against it. They are figures to look up to.

JN: What do you think about Demi being a judge on X Factor?

Dev: I jut saw that last night. I was watching a thing about it on TV. I am so happy for her. I couldn’t be more happy for her. I think she is a great singer and performer, more props to her.

JN: You have become friends with her from being on her album Unbroken correct?

Dev: Yes, she is hella cool. She asked me to get on one of her songs so I definitely had to do it. It is great that she put out this womanly album. I thought it was a really cool fit.

JN: How did you wind up working with Enrique Iglesias?

Dev: Enrique is friends with me and The Cataracs through Indie-Pop and one of our managers. We were just fucking around one day and we were thinking of who would be cool to have on this song “Naked.” We wanted a male perspective on it. We wanted a male and female, back and forth kind of thing. Who better than my Latin sensation brother Enrique?

JN: Not too shabby!

Dev: He actually really liked it and did it, which was cool. We just wanted to give it a shot and who knows, maybe he will think we are completely weird. He enjoyed it.

JN: It is a huge hit. I heard it on the way here.

Dev: Thank you.

JN: I like the David Guetta song as well.

Dev: “I Just Wanna F” was with me, David, and Timbaland. That was a crazy experience. I almost ditched out of going to the studio with him because I was so nervous.

JN: So you get nervous still?

Dev: Yeah, especially when I work with legends like that I never know what to expect. He was such a sweetheart. At one point he was even filming me on his phone when I was in the booth. He told me to say hi!

JN: Maybe that is a lesson to never turn down things.

Dev: Totally. I am so happy I did that song.

JN: How do you pick your projects?

Dev: I try to get in the studio with as many people as possible especially ones that are legends tot he game because I feel I can learn a lot. The Cataracs are really the only people that I worked with for about three years. Getting in the studio with all of these other producers, artists, and writers really helped me learn a little more and build my artistry as I grow.

JN: How has having a baby changed your life?

Dev: In every way possible it has changed my life. It is a beautiful experience and I feel so fortunate to have her and be able to go through everything we have been going through together. I actually have a special coming out on MTV that goes into depth about me juggling both worlds. She is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

JN: You are hitting the club Enclave later?

Dev: Yes, I am excited.

JN: We need to get you at the gay clubs.

Dev: I would love that.

JN: It can just be a few songs and pop in.

Dev: Mingle and see them.

JN: It would show that you are there for the gays. They love their dance music.

Dev: And I love them! That would be amazing.

JN: I will see when you are next in town for Lollapalooza and we can work it out.

Dev: Sounds good!

Things are heating up this summer with Dev when she plays Lollapalooza on Friday August 3. Visit or for more information on this amazing dance artist!