Crowded House has been crooning since the eighties with such hits as “Don’t Dream It’s Over” and “Something So Strong.” They recently played at the House of Blues where Nunn on the Run spoke to Nick Seymour the guitarist before the show. Either Side Of The World

JN: Hello, Nick. So is this Chicago stop early on the tour?

Nick Seymour: It is close to the end of the American tour. We have three more dates and we are finished.

JN: Have you played at the House of Blues before?

NS: Yes, we have, two or three years ago.

JN: Is Tim Finn currently with the group?

NS: No, he was just with the band very briefly in 1994. He sang on one our records Woodface. We joined the band for the making of that record and then went on four months of touring.

JN: How is it going with the band and this new album Intriguer?

NS: Great. We are doing really good gigs. I think we are at the best that we have ever played. I can’t remember it being every musically as free as it is now. That is probably the best part of aging if you can move to the next level that befits the age that you are. We have picked up an audience that is very respondent to the musical standard that we have as opposed to just coming to hear Neil Finn songs that he has been fantastic about obliging.

JN: That’s good to hear so not just the past hits but the new stuff as well.

NS: The band has built up a great reputation of performing shows at a high musical standard. It’s about bloody time! (both laugh) We are all in our early fifties.

JN: Many bands from your generation are doing farewell tours like a-ha.

NS: Well, there is not talk of that yet. Given the fact that we did break up so publicly in 1996 and then had ten years of not being together, it would seem strange to exit so soon after we had gotten back together. This is our second album since we have gotten back together so there is still a bit of life in it yet.

JN: Well, I am glad you are still together and I love the new album.

NS: Great, that’s good to hear.

JN: I have seen you in concert before back in 1993 in Nashville where Sheryl Crow was the opening act for you guys.

NS: Yeah? That was a really fun good tour. Sadly, though that was the tour where Paul Hester left the band leaving me and Neil to finish the tour by ourselves. We had Sheryl’s drummer step in for him. There a lot of love lost between Paul and me personally, which we reestablished a few years after.

JN: Sheryl has come a long way.

NS: We stay in touch with her or Neil does particularly. I saw her recently at a show in New York. She is out touring in this diva tour. She has a soul record out.  She has an all new band. Neil and her are very good friends.

JN: Who is opening for you on this tour?

NS: A New Zealand band called Lawrence Arabia. They are really good. One thing is when you tour and you become friends with the support band it gives them added dimension to the actual tour dynamic. So you can go out drinking with other people instead of the same old faces!

JN: I hope you get to do some drinking while you are in Chicago.

NS: I had a bit of a drink last night with the good people of Canada. I am happy to have a drink for the good people of the United States when I get there, cheers!