Chromeo is an electrofunk duo from Canada. P-Thugg and Dave1 are coming to Chicago to make the crowd dance this Halloween. Don’t Turn The Lights On

Jerry Nunn: Hi, guys. Great running into you backstage at Lollapalooza. Tell people about your group that may have never heard of you before.

Dave1: Well, we are Chromeo. It is me and my best friend P. We are best friends of high school from Montreal. Obviously we are two different guys you can tell.

JN: Yes, different styles, definitely.

D1: I guess we are eighties influenced electrofunk. We came out at time where we are referencing eighties black music. Back then black music was not popular. We have done it for three albums, this third album is coming out in September.

JN: What’s it called?

D1: Business Casual.

JN: Who have you guys been working with?

D1: What everyone talks about is one of our biggest influences is Hall & Oates. We just did Bonnaroo with Daryl Hall.

JN: That is so cool. They are coming here to the Chicago Theatre soon. So they are still touring and doing things.

D1: Yeah yeah yeah.

JN: How can people find out more about you guys?

D1: We have a website We have myspace and facebook. For a band like us its Youtube, stuff like that. Our last video was a one million views there (here’s a link) so it makes a big difference.

JN: That’s awesome. Are you going to be in town for a while?

D1: No.

P-Thugg: No, we are heading out tonight. We are going to Minneapolis for a show.

JN: When are you coming back to Chicago?

D1: Halloween.

JN: Where are you playing?

D1: The Congress Theater. We did it last Halloween.

JN: How did it go?

D1: Nuts!

JN: Did you guys dress up?

D1: As each other.

JN: Did you?

D1: Yeah.

JN: People will have to see what you dress as this year. Congress is a great space.

P: It is haunted.

JN: Really? You think it is?

P: There is word around that it’s haunted.

JN: Scary! I will see you at the show, boo!