Dutch singer Eva Simons has been in constant rotation with the huge hit “Take Over Control” thanks to teaming up with Afrojack.

She started her career at a young age after being raised in a musical family and has not stopped. She is featured on “This is Love” with will.i.am in a fantastic new video and is looking forward to releasing a new album.

Eva is currently touring with LMFAO and we went backstage to talk about her music.

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Eva. You are a Dutch singer so how did you journey to our side of the pond?

Eva Simons: It happened so naturally. I had the song “Take Over Control” with Afrojack and we released it on an independent label. Before we knew it we had all of these other countries asking to release it. Then America came and was interested. Before we knew it we had the biggest success in America. Actually America was before Europe.

JN: Really? That is interesting.

ES: It was so weird. Before I knew it I was doing a tour in America in the clubs without having any shows in Europe.

JN: That song has been huge.

ES: It has been crazy. So there has been no strategy involved. It is simply “here I am. I’m coming!”

JN: When did you first know it would be such a big song?

ES: When I saw the reactions on Twitter from people in America. They were hearing it on the radio.

JN: What is Afrojack like to work with?

ES: He is very Dutch, super relaxed, very straight.

JN: He is hot looking!

ES: Do you think?

JN: From the pictures I have seen. I haven’t met him face to face.

ES: I don’t think of him like that.

JN: That is good. Paris Hilton will come after you!

ES: (laughs) Wow, it was like this we met each other in the club and we wanted to work together. The day came and he like two hours because he had to go perform at a student party. I had a vision already of what I wanted to do. Before you know it we had the song. We both thought it was the shit. He asked me to come to the club and we played it for two hundred people. Those were the kind of numbers he was playing to before but not anymore. I just felt that song would be a smash.

JN: I read you started music at a very young age.

ES: My parents were always into music. My mum is a singer and my dad plays trumpet all over the world. He played with Pat Matheny and Wynton Marsalis.

JN: So jazz?

ES: Everything, jazz, pop, classical. I am classically trained as well. I did school of music and conservatory. My first record deal was when I was 13 years old. I made a girls group from the girls in my choir. It didn’t really work out. We were too young and people didn’t get it. I was sad and thought my life would be over. Then Dutch Popstars the Rivals came and that was just not it. I wasn’t really feeling it was about fame. I always felt like you had to be famous to do your music. But it is like you have to do your music then be famous instead. It is about making the music that you love. I wound up doing my shit and now I feel really good. I have never felt like this before.

JN: It is a good lesson I guess.

ES: Yes, totally. A lot of people go for the TV shows, it was a great experience but more about the music first otherwise you won’t connect to your audience.

JN: Did you take dance classes?

ES: Yes, I did. I danced a lot when I was young. Now I don’t anymore. I should though.

JN: It looks like you do in the videos.

ES: I feel like I look like I don’t know what I am doing. I’m just a girl that wants to have fun.

JN: I watched the “Silly Boy” video and wanted to ask you about your hair. How long does it take to get ready?

ES: I sleep on one side of my head and then don’t move around. So I don’t have to do my hair everyday again. I just have to clean it up a bit. I have to wash it every week otherwise it becomes really white.

JN: What inspired your hair?

ES: Japan. I went to Tokyo. I saw these Harajuku girls and Manga figures. I thought they were dope and I went home. My mom is from Suriname and the weapon from there is two Indian people with red Mohawks. It was in our house and I thought it was awesome. So I wanted to do that and make a red Mohawk.

JN: That silver dress didn’t look very comfortable that you wore in the video.

ES: It was horrible. It was cutting me everywhere. I have scar for life. It was made out of glass and everything. I thought well I need to dance because this is my video. I can show people that I can do this! I was hurting and bleeding everywhere.

JN: I knew there was more to the story on that dress!

ES: It was very painful. I will never wear that dress ever again.

JN: How did you meet will.i.am?

ES: I met him at a Black Eyed Peas party. I was invited and immediately we connected. We are both very spiritual, energies connect and attract each other. We thought each other were dope and decided to work together. I love technology. I like to produce and mix all of my vocals myself, as I did on “Take Over Control” as well. When someone gives me a track I sing it send it to him, he mixes it and we are done. It’s pretty awesome.

JN: I heard he is great to work with.

ES: He is so much fun! He is one of the few people in this industry that is exactly how you think he is. He is fun, young, and still so creative.

JN: Your tour manager works with Natalia Kills and she told me that he is not about the business but about the music.

ES: He trusts new artists as well and their visions. I would think of something and he would be open to trying it out. He loves to collaborate.

JN: I watched the new video for “This is Love.” What did you learn from the experience?

ES: He directed everything. It is all motion control so he had to put everything in the computer so that takes a lot of time. It was a lot of work.

Also, his drive because we worked from eight in the morning until five in the morning, then we still went to the club to do some shots there.

JN: Such as close-ups…

ES: Close-ups and he was still so positive.

JN: When does your solo album come out?

ES: While I am on tour I am going to put it out. I am on a terrible deadline. I get e-mails as to when it will be finished. I need to do a couple more vocal recordings. I am going to rent a studio while I on tour.

JN: Sounds like a lot of work. This LMFAO tour seems like a party tour.

ES: These guys are party, party, party! They have energy for 400 people.

JN: Sounds like you have to work.

ES: You have to stay focused. It is fun but if you only have fun maybe next year there won’t be any songs to sing. I need to stay focused and get my stuff done.

JN: You just toured to Minneapolis. How was it?

ES: It was so awesome. Can you imagine? I am a girl from Holland. People don’t know who I am and I stand there with a DJ and they are all jumping and screaming. They are all singing the song and it is crazy. I even said fuck twice yesterday because I was so flabbergasted. “Fuck this is so fucking dope!”

JN: So it has not been hard opening for them?

ES: Nope. When they find out I am cool they just bounce. They are so warm. I used to a fight for my right.

JN: You did a song with LMFAO called “Best Night.”

ES: It was also the same thing. Foo sends me the track, I record it, and boom.

JN: Do you come out and sing the track with them during the show?

ES: We are going to do that. The problem is they had no time to rehearse at all. We are still finding our way like what songs don’t work during the show.

JN: You are working with RedOne on this album and he worked with Gaga and JLO on their records.

ES: He is a musical genius. I was in the studio and wondering what I could expect. He had done so many big hits but also so many songs that we relate to as an artist as well. I wondered what it be then it became me.  It was crazy. We were in the studio for five days and we got five smashes. I am not joking around. They are all hits. It is so freaking exciting!

JN: This sounds like it was meant to be.

ES: You know when you are not on your path and everything is difficult? When you are doing the right thing everything is easy!

JN: Are you playing any festivals this summer?

ES: The Identity Festival.

JN: Where is that?

ES: It is all over. I will be playing some of my rougher tracks because it is a lot of house DJs.

JN: Is there a website fans can go to?

ES: Not yet. I am working on it. Maybe it will be out next week. Until then  just have people follow me on Twitter @evasimons.

Don’t miss Eva at the Mid on August 9.