Started off the week with a visit to open mic at 3160 on Clark Street. Yes, I am thinking of working up an act and if Kathy Griffin can talk celebrities in her show then so can I!
Speaking of the D List, the big D himself Matt Damon appeared at the Metro for The People Speak Live. He was glued to his speech, didn’t seem inspired, and don’t even get me started about the preacher that spoke. If I wanted to get yelled at then I would go to church! The Latino speaker blew him out of the water right after. Aqua caliente!

I worked on a record number of ten interviews this week with everyone from Kyle Richards from Bravo’s Housewives to Lily Tomlin. I chatted about Actor’s Guild Award dresses with George from the Fashion Police to speaking Spanish to singer Edith Marquez at Circuit. Traci Lords was really intriguing to get to know and see the woman that rocked the porn world and is number one on the dance charts currently.

Speaking of new music, London singer Rumer hit town at Lincoln Hall. Her voice is a mix between Karen Carpenter and Dusty Springfield. She has made a huge splash overseas and deservedly so. I was in front of the stage getting chills then we met after her set. Watch your throat Adele this is one to watch and listen to!

Our holiday party for Windy City Media Group at Hamburger Marys was a treat and guess who won the grand prize? Too bad it wasn’t a new car but I will take the concert tickets…

It turned February and love was in the air at Estelle’s show. The space was the place to see her perform in. The last show I had seen her play was House of Blues years ago.

My friend Young Sun Han from Bravo’s Work of Art opened his gallery show at Las Manos in Andersonville. I love how he combines personal perspective with politics.

On Saturday I hit Varla Jean Merman’s show at Hydrate. She is such a sweetie and the southern sense of humor I really dig.

I strutted into Kit Kat to meet friends and chat with drag queens, which was very lively.

Then the group headed to Circuit where new stripper friend Viktor dropped his drawers and posed with me. Isn’t it rude to point? Well, I guess that’s better than poking!